General Interpretation and Meaning of the King of Swords - Upright & Reversed

By astrology valley Sep 27 2021

When you observe the Tarot card, King of Sword, you will see the King who is sitting on his throne in a way that he is open for any challenge which life throws at him. He holds his sword in his right hand, the hand which represents the intellectual understanding of the King. On the Tarot card, you will even observe the sword of the king pointing towards the left hand which is the hand of the conscious. This posture of the King and the way he is holding his sword represents the intellectual ability of the king to make decisions about any situation which is put forth by him. Apart from this, it also shows the ability of the King to be flexible according to the various situations. Moreover, we can even notice the rear of the throne decorated with a moon, butterflies, and angels near to his left ear. This angel represents the subtle guidance that the king gets from the angel. 

The trees and clouds behind the throne still represent the clarity and stability which this card can bring into your life on its appearance. 

The General Interpretation of King of Swords (Upright)  

King of Swords Upright is the Minor Arcana card which represents consistency, structure, and discipline. This card is all about being fair. It shows the behavior of the King in various situations. It shows how the King of Swords when it appears in the Upright position could be beneficial for you. The appearance of this card also shows how the king chooses mind over heart. This Tarot card is the true picture of intellects. If we consider the King of Swords as a man, then the King is self-disciplined and mature with an inclination in fields like defense, law, and teaching. In a nutshell, people who get this card are the ones who are interested in adding value to society each day. 

If the Zodiac Sign of the king of the sword is to be decided then the king of Swords matches the air signs like Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius. Just like these air signs, the King of Swords doesn't like to express his feelings in front of anyone. The appearance of this card shows the arrival of a person who is mature and stable in your life. They are best at keeping the environment structured and balanced. They are great when it comes to the performance of things in a routine. When it comes to the negative of this Upright King of Swords, these are the people who are so much into the alignment of things that they tend to ignore others in the process. 

Love and Relationships (Upright) 

Talking about the Tarot card Upright King of Sword, this card represents that if you are someone who is already in a relationship then you are in a relationship with someone who is pretty mature and self-disciplined. It indicates that you and your partner are connected not only on an intellectual level but also on a physical and emotional level. It also signifies that your relationship or partner challenges you to do well in every zone of life and maintain high standards.  

This card represents fatherhood so it's a great omen if you are someone who is planning for a family. If you are single, the King of Swords may indicate that you have a higher chance to meet someone who will bring stability and maturity to your life. This person will bring positivity and great vibes to your life. The sense of security he might have for you will directly be proportional to the interest he may hold in you. 

Money and Career (Upright) 

When it comes to Career grounds, this Minor Arcana card represents the authoritative and fair behavior of a person. On the appearance of this card, you might come across an elderly man at your work who will challenge your potential each day and who will give you the never-ending opportunities to evolve into your better version each day. At first, you might feel uncomfortable because of the stern behavior of this man but ultimately, he will help you to discover your unaware talents. If you will dedicate your efforts, good things will happen to you. 

On financial grounds, the appearance of this card shows the educated, sensible and logical usage of your finances. It shows that you will have a positive approach to your money which suggests that you will only be indulged in fair investment. 

Health (Upright) 

The appearance of the King of Swords (upright) Tarot card on the health ground shows that maintaining a proper routine will help you to add laurels to your routine. This might require you to change your sleep cycle patterns or consume a balanced diet. You may require assistance from a physical trainer. If you've been affected by an illness or injury, the King of Swords indicates surgeons or consultants being involved in your care. 

Spirituality (Upright) 

In a spiritual context, the King of Swords indicates that it is the time to widen your spiritual practices as per your wish. You can attend available workshops and read as many books as you can get your hands on. But at some point, you have to start putting all of your knowledge into practice and follow your heart rather than your head. It is high time to stop thinking about it and start bringing things into practicality. 

The General Interpretation of King of Swords (Reversed)  

When this Minor Arcana card appears in the reverse position it shows the involvement of someone negative into your life. This person would lack maturity and wouldn't be stable with what he does. The reversed King of Sword ensures the presence of a person in your life who would not be positive for you. This card reflects the lack of balance on the grounds of intellect and conscience. The reversed card of King of Swords might show there would be a lack of stability in your life. The appearance of King of Swords reversed shows that you will lack routine and management in your life. The alignment of things in your life might get pathetic. Hence, it is high time to focus on the work even more so that results might be on positive grounds. 

Love & Relationship (Reversed) 

When it comes to the love & relationship grounds, the appearance of this card shows that you are in a relationship with someone who is not mature and stable enough to handle you. There are chances that they don't even value your presence in their life. He might not want to take this relationship to another level. If this reversed card matches the situations of your relationship, then you have to be cautious. This card represents that you are allowing your heart to overrule your head.  

The appearance of this card might represent infertility so it's not a good omen if you are planning to conceive shortly. If you are single, the King of Swords reversed can indicate that you will come across someone who will not value your presence in your life. They won't treat you the way you deserve to be treated. This card is the sign to allow only those people into your life who help you in evolving into your better version. Give yourself some time to analyze people and then to reach any conclusion. 

Money and Career (Reversed) 

On career grounds, the appearance of this card shows the presence of an elderly male in your life who would be intimidating for you. This man would become a hurdle in your growth. You would lack focus and attention towards your work. The presence of this elderly man would not be good for you as he might be power-hungry and would not feel it worthwhile to mention the credits of the work done. And coming on to the financial grounds, the King of Swords Reversed shows that you would end up investing in things that would not pay off the way you expected. Moreover, it shows your lack of attention towards the things which will not help you to grow financially. 

Health (Reversed) 

On the health grounds, the King of Swords reversed might indicate that you have been going through a prolonged illness. The appearance of this card works as a sign to consult a doctor or a surgeon who might help you with your illness. There are chances that your health might degrade. Hence, it is suggested for you to get your focus back on track towards a better living with the help of proper medication. 

Spirituality (Reversed) 

In a spiritual context, the appearance of the reversed King of swords indicates that you should get involved in the spiritual practices which will help you to grow each day. The reversed card shows that you might end up losing your interest in things. It is recommended to get your focus back on things and start your spiritual practices much more effectively.


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