General Interpretation and Meaning of the Knight of Cups - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 08 2021

Knight of the cup is the tarot card that represents various interpretations about one's life. When you see the card, you will see a Knight riding his horse with a cup holding in his right hand. Moreover, on his armor, you see various other symbols which include fish, etc. You will observe the helmet and boots which the knight is wearing are winged whereas you will also observe other symbols like flowing water. 

The winged helmet and boots represent the creative and active imagination and the appreciation of beautiful things. Whereas, the background of the card mostly remains barren with the inclusion of two or three trees. And the river which flows by side represents the power of imagination and emotions to create anything in this world. 

Moreover, when it comes to Tarot Reading there is a different meaning of Upright and Reversed Knight of Cup. So, let's now get into the main thing and see that, what and how this card has interpretations to offer? 

The general interpretation of Knight of Cups (Upright) : 

The Knight of cup generally represents things like proposals, offers or good news. It is said that the news that Knight brings, is brought with a lot of excitement. Moreover, the predictions are that when we receive this card, it is a sign that our manifestations are about to get fulfilled. In simple words, this card is interpreted to receive something that we have been desiring for a long time. This card also signifies emotions like gratefulness, warmth, love etc. This is a very positive card and can be a sign to those who have been in a dilemma of following their heart. This card also signifies one's capability to staying grateful even under the conditions of extreme pressure and also shows a diplomat in a person who is great at resolving disputes amongst people. 

If it comes to represent this card as a person then the knight of the cup could be a male who is tall, dark, and handsome belonging to the 25-35 age group and is full of love and affection towards others and nature too. 

Love and Relationships(Upright) 

The card which represents itself as the sign of love, warmth, and affection is a mark of bringing romance and fire to your relationship if you are with someone. Also, even if you are single this card is the sign that a romantic relationship that will be full of warmth is paving its way towards you. As mentioned earlier, this is the card of sensitivity and love and also interprets a marriage proposal, a deeper relationship. This card also reflects the personality of your romantic partner. 

Money and Career (Upright) 

When it comes to money context, this card is a sign of financial opportunities that are making their way to you and you may get a sudden hike in your financial conditions. If you are someone who has been struggling with financial aspects for a long time, this may be the sign to think something out of the box and work in that direction. 

Moreover, when it comes to Careers, this card is the sign of newer opportunities that you have been desiring for a long time. This card also indicates that there are new opportunities and offers that are making their way to you. This card also indicates a sudden rise in your career. If you are someone who is not still sure about his/her career, this card represents that you might start something in the creative field. This card also signifies one's capability to handle any sort of work environment with qualities like grace and diplomacy. 


In this part, the knight of the cup represents good health. So if you have got your health care as a knight of the cup then your health is going to go up. This card is a good sign. If you are someone who has been waiting for health test reports, you would for sure get better results than expected. 

Spirituality (Upright) 

If you are someone who has been on his/her spiritual journey, then this card is a sign that there are various gifts from spirits who are seeking you. Also, it signifies that it is high time to pay attention to your energy, it has a lot more to tell you. 

The general interpretation of Knight of Cups (Reversed) : 

As it can be interpreted by its name, the reversed Knight of the cup comes with the news which leads you to disappointment. This card is the significance of a bad omen. This card represents revoked proposals and offers, bad news, etc. This card signifies not to get to any conclusion before going through the facts and checks. The reversed Knight of the cup signifies drama, moodiness, tantrums, etc. Hence, the emotional turmoil is something that this card also represents. Moreover, on the appearance of this card, it is suggested to procrastinate your tasks for the time being and not to get into commitments. 

If the reversed knight cup is represented as a person it signifies a male who is about the age of 25-35 years. And appears to be sweet, charming, and appealing at first but then turns out to be moody, commitment-phobic, etc. 

Romantic Relationship(Reversed) 

When it comes to the love tarot reading about the reversed knight of the cup, getting this card while tarot reading regarding your relationship is not considered as a good omen. It signifies revoked proposals, broken relationships, and engagements. This signifies someone who is not into commitments, abusive, misogynistic, etc. This also signifies your partner turning into a person as listed above because of bad habits like addiction to alcohol. Moreover, if you are single. This card is the significance of a person arriving into your life who would not be into commitments. A person who may believe in one-night stands and is not interested in making you a part of his/her life. You may end up dating someone abusive, obsessive, and insecure. He/She may be into themselves to an extent where you start feeling toxic around them. This condition becomes even worse when you see the person misbehaving, misunderstanding you and you are even aware of their nature but then also you end up being with them. It is suggested to have a look at companion cards along with the reversed knight of the cup so you can have a better outlook of things. 

Money and Career (Reversed) 

On the Money part, the Knight of Cup reversed represents financial losses. This signifies a situation in which you may have an expression at the start that these offers will turn out to be the better one but it is not so you may end up getting nothing. So it is suggested to have a better fact check about things before investing your hard-earned cash into something. You will find many opportunities which make their way to you turning you down. Hence, it is suggested to go for financial guidance before investing your time, energy and money into something. 

Moreover, coming onto the Career aspects of Reversed Knight of Cup, this card signifies bad news, revoked proposals. It may also lead to the cancellation of various projects you would have been working on for a long time because of your procrastination. This card also interprets situations like losing your job or losing any business deal. Moreover, this card also suggests that you may have an opportunity to walk to you open-handedly, the reversed Knight of Cup indicates to grab one but one thing that is recommended as a priority is to go through the deals and fact checks before anything. And then planning accordingly. Hence, as the name suggests, the reversed Knight of the cup brings bad omens to life. It is hereby suggested to go through the companion cards too so that you can be sure about the situation and understand what are the exact offerings of this card. 


The reversed Knight of the cup indicates the evil effects of habits like drugs, alcohol in your life. Moreover, this card even suggests situations like burnout because of the hectic schedule. The card signifies the effects of a hectic lifestyle on your life in a way that you can't even think this situation can spoil your health in these ways. Moreover, this card also indicates that you should not reach conclusions easily if there is something that is bothering you about your health. 


When looking at the spiritual aspect of the reversed Knight of Cup, it reflects the blockages on psychic gifts. This card also signifies that spirits have been sending you messages for a long time but you are so much into yourself that you are not even finding it worth paying attention to them. It's high time to stay in the present rather than bothering yourself by thinking about the past or future. Moreover, this card also signifies that you are getting too much into the future via psychic readings and other activities at the cost of your life. Well, that's something which won't fetch you anything. So staying in the present is always a better idea.