General Interpretation and Meaning of The Lovers - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

If you have been wondering what your love life essentially looks like, here is a guide to help you get a genuine idea of the relationship you share with your beloved. Are you the perfect soulmates of each other? Will you share a fulfilling physical intimacy? Do the two of you share the same values? If these are questions that have been haunting you for a long, here is the Lovers tarot card interpretation to address all your queries. From a general interpretation to a detailed analysis of every aspect of both the upright and the reversed Lovers card, here is part of the solution you have seeking. 

General Interpretation and meaning of the Upright Lovers card 

The Lovers is symbolic of a harmonious union that will be admired by all. You two form the best couple and your friends and family cannot keep their eyes off you. The two of you will only evolve in each other’s company- not just personally but also on the professional front. The arrival of this partner in your life will change your life for good.  

At times when you will tend to become indecisive, your partner will sort things out for you or will at least help you solve them. Part of why you cannot make up your mind is because you know that you can rely on your partner. This is the balance you have always craved and now when the opportunity lies at your doorstep, grab it and keep it with you forever.  

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

If you intended to get a glimpse of what the prospective or your current relationship holds for you, the Lovers card is all you could have asked for. If you are just beginning to develop a bond towards some or have already bonded well, this card comes to depict how this flourishing relationship will impact your mental health. Worry not, for it is all to your benefit.  

Your attachment towards this person is genuine and not merely an obsession that will fade away over time. The growing intimacy between you and your lover will be both mentally and physically satisfying. This equation is something you have never shared before with anyone. So, do not shy away from cherishing every single moment because the bond you are forming has great potential. Let this person never part ways with you. 

Money & Career (Upright) 

When viewed in light of career growth, the Lovers card could translate into the beginning of a new project that involves collaboration. This partnership is going to be a sustainable relationship where both of you are to benefit equally. You could even develop a romantic inclination towards this partner who you trust. But is it wise to blur the lines between work and personal life? Think before you indulge in such a relationship because instinctive decisions might cost you a fortune. Instead, try seeing through the efficient businessperson who is sitting across the table. Respect him/her for the display of enthusiasm and determination.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

If you were to face any health problems shortly, rest assured that you will not be faced with any such obstacle and even if you do face health issues, you will effortlessly manage to find a cure. A near and dear one is there to care for you.  

Another way of interpreting the card would be concerning your heart health. You will probably be taking good care of your heart, both literally and metaphorically. You are going to be fine despite all the exhaustion, mostly because you have been thoroughly enjoying yourself in this newly formed association. Going out to a fancy restaurant for a lunch with this person will not harm your health. So, try developing your bond over a meal because who knows, the two of you might even like the same kind of food! 

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

Everything around you at this time seems to be working in your favor. Be it about your bond with a friend or a romantic partner or a business partner, you are most likely to develop new interests and in turn, get a spiritual insight into your deepest desires. The Lovers card is not merely indicative of physical or work relationships, but also about spiritual intensity. This new person that you are interested in is probably your spiritual partner who will offer you some amazing tips to stay calm and efficient. Do not let go of this person, for this is the one who will help you sail through all storms.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Reversed Lovers card 

The reversed Lovers card could be symbolic of a conflict in love life and may even lead to the end of your union if an argument flares up.  

Your past decisions will make its presence felt. You might feel that the conflict between you and your alter ego is unending, but you can at least try seeking a solution to find your way of this dilemma. Not everyone makes the right decision every time. So, own up to the faults you have made in the past and do not try to cover them up because they will only worsen the state that you are currently in. Your anxiety is justified, but your laid-back attitude is not. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

You may not succeed in avoiding an argument with your partner even if you wish to. The issues you are facing are serious concerns and walking away from discussing them will only make things worse. You may find it uncomfortable to express yourself for no particular reason. Perhaps, it is because of the gap that has been created between you and your partner. Two people with two completely contrasting perspectives – it is indeed difficult to sustain a relationship amidst two opposing forces. You might feel that the physical passion shared by the two of you will compensate for the loss your relationship is suffering, but that is not a practical solution. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

While the upright card could bring in happiness and growth through business partnership, the reversed Lovers card could be indicative of a miscommunication between your business partner and yourself. The prospect of a romantic relationship with your colleague must be avoided at all costs because that is the ultimate decision that will put a pause to your career growth. This could also mean that your colleague might end up exploiting you, even if it is unintentional. So, rather than having to repent your decision, stay away from any such association. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Lovers card means that you will not be in a very healthy and happy state of mind. This might even translate to physical discomforts like headaches and body pain. But once you have managed to deal with what causes mental discomfort, which is possibly your fading interest in your partner, you will feel absolutely fine. The longer you keep your issues unresolved, the longer the discomfort will sustain. Do not involve in any vigorous activity just because you feel like it will revive you from how lost you feel. Your body is not for you to vent your anger. Rather, treat it will a good meal and a little rest because it needs some time to heal. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Lovers card, when viewed from the perspective of spiritual satisfaction, is symbolic of disappointments. Your materialistic pursuits, no matter how passionate, will yield no produce. Do not try to compensate for other losses in materialistic terms.  

Instead, discover what you want from life. If you think that you have been taken up by the chaos that surrounds you, take a break from your hectic schedule. Go on a vacation to a lonely place where you can imbibe the purity that nature has to offer. If traveling to a far-off place is not something you can afford at the moment, take some time alone to practice yoga or maybe feed a few street dogs. Interacting with nature is the only solution you have at your disposal right now.  


The Lovers card is immensely powerful when it comes to revealing who you truly are and what your concerns at the moment are.  

While an upright Lovers might announce the arrival of good luck in your professional space or your world or maybe both, the reverse Lovers card could be symbolic of impending doom. But, just as there are two sides to a coin, each card has both positive and negative impacts. So, rather than focusing on the negative aspects of your tarot reading, go find out ways to cure the ailment your luck seems to be suffering from.  

If you plan to take control of your destiny and work hard towards achieving the results you desire, you can get anything and everything is done.  

Let the card work to your benefit! 



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