General Interpretation and Meaning of The Moon - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 13 2021

The Moon tarot card, a symbol of your unconscious mind, dreams, and intuition, is the eighteenth card of the Major Arcana. It is illustrated as a full Moon shining in a clear blue sky, between the two high rising twin towers, erected at a distance, creating an illusion of safety. 

 There is a crescent Moon and a human-faced half-Moon superimposed within the full Moon. It has sixteen chief and sixteen secondary rays around it, which makes it seem like the Sun. Fifteen leaf-shaped drops are falling from the sky. Some believe that the leaf-like droplets are ‘yods’. Yods is the tenth letter of Hebrew and is considered the first syllable of the name of God in Hebrew. They are believed to be a symbol of divine help. 

A tamed dog and a wolf are facing towards the Moon and howling in a green grassy field. And below them, in the foreground, a small waterbody can be seen from where a crayfish is crawling towards the pathway between the dog and the wolf. This path shows that the future lies in the unknown. It is symbolic of the journey from unconscious to spirituality. The howling dog and the wolf represent the two sides of human nature: domesticable and civilized; untameably and wild. Humans need both these sides to survive life. 


General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Moon Card 

The meaning of this card is amorphous, whether it is pulled upright or in reversed order. It is not always what it seems it is. The Moon is the card of Intuition and therefore you should trust your gut feelings and instincts even if the actual situation seems different. The card asks you to pay special attention to your dreams and subconscious thoughts. If you have pulled it in the upright position, it suggests that you are allowing your anxieties to cause distress and fear. It will hinder your perspective and indicates a negative outlook of life hovering around you. 


It also signifies latent insecurities that are resurfacing in your psyche. It can be held accountable for the materialization of repressed emotions as well. If you are involved in any shady job, or something suspicious, it is your sign to clear the mess and move out your hands from the dirt of misconduct or illegal connections. 

If you are waiting for a call or a decision, then it is likely to get delayed to such an extent that it will become insignificant. 

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

For lovers, this card represents some kind of uncertainty and insecurity. If you are in love and pull this card in an upright manner, that means, something is overwhelming you with insecurity about your partner. It asks you to pay grave attention to the things that are not in the out front, you need to focus beyond the surface to reach the real emotions. It might be true that your relationship looks perfect to the world, but that is not what your truth is. This card reignites the flame of pretense that you have been hiding ever since. It rattles all the facades of pretense you have built and shatters them from within. Miscommunication and petty arguments will keep your mind engrossed in negativity. It also suggests that you must stay aware of their intentions. They might not be as good as they pretend. However, you must not jump to conclusions and wait for any suspicious signs from their side. Your instinct might be true, but overthinking your thoughts will force you to get a bit extreme.  

For singles, who are waiting to be in love might get conned, suggests the Moon. Being mindful and aware is the only thing in your control. The Moon is a card of deception and error. It is involved with malpractices as well. It indicates that what you know is not everything, some things are yet to get exposure and revelation. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

The Moon card rightfully declares career-related troubles that keep you anxious. It shows your indecisiveness and inability to choose the right path. In matters of work, there is a possibility that you and your fellow workers might get into some heated argument due to some issue related to misunderstandings or miscommunication. Perhaps some colleague of yours is going to hold back some crucial information from you that will land you in trouble.  

At this point of period, you should not get involved in any kind of investment or decision-making as you might not have the necessary information for making the right deal. Any kind of monetary gamble can be dangerous for you. It is likely that you will get conned by someone who seemed honest. However, you must not let your anxious instincts overwhelm you. If it feels true to your guts, then it probably is the truth, but wait till you get some hint. 

​Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Moon card represents the menstrual cycle in women. It also suggests issues related to mental health. Your anxiety due to your insecurities can cause you stress and depression. You might seem fit, but you are unwell from within. The weakness that you feel is due to the excessive draining of energy. The Moon is asking you to follow your instincts about your health. It signals underlying health issues that can get severe if neglected for long. It is your chance to get yourself checked and get tested. It can be held accountable for hormonal changes as well. 

​Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

This card is the card of intuition, and its meaning cannot be pinned down to any single context. The Moon carries lots of signs indicating its role in the spiritual journey. Those who are involved in psychic studies will experience developments in their power. This card asks you to attend to your dreams to know the hidden signs of reality. Your vision will guide you to the path of divinity and help you to decipher the meaning of spiritual help advanced to mankind, as illustrated in the tarot card. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Moon Card 

In the reversed order, the Moon card symbolizes purgation and cleansing of fear and anxieties. It also indicates revelations in your life. Lies and shocking surprises will unfurl for good. If you lose something, you are likely to find it. Your fears and insecurities will subside, and you will gain confidence.  

This card also indicates your inability to differentiate between deception and reality. You are going to struggle between your fantasies and reality. The reversed Moon predicts that the mental health-related issues that you were experiencing are going to end. You will start afresh with a fresh mind. Hopes will resurface, and your goals will find clarity. All your queries related to your present and future will get resolved. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

In relationships, the reversed Moon suggests lies, secrets, and deception will get exposed. It can result in the revelation of an affair. The true color of your partner will get exposed, their real intentions will come out in the open. You will get to know their true character. It suggests that the truth of your relationship will come out, there will be no longer hide and seek. Everything will be true to its core. 

For singles, the reversed Moon card symbolizes gaining confidence and composure. It also hints that you are refraining from accepting some instincts that you are having about a probable partner. It can indicate that you are ignoring red signs from a toxic person. But you have to understand the gravity of the situation, you cannot ignore such signs just because you do not want to believe them. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

For artists, this card indicates a creative block, they will be unable to focus on anything productive. Their overthinking will be proactive. Uncertainty and instability of career will distress them, but with the presence of a reversed Moon, these issues are likely to subside. If you were unsure about any profession or financial commitment, then this is your chance to decide. You will learn to manage your finances. If something is holding you back from investing in money, then you must follow it, suggests the Moon. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

In matters of health, the reversed Moon holds a positive influence. It suggests that any underlying health trouble is likely to get cured. Your depression and anxiety will be healed. You need to keep a check on your thoughts, do not let paranoia threaten you. This card indicates the stability of health, both physically and mentally. You will be active and energized, and you need to channelize this energy into something fruitful. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Moon card represents that you are ignoring your spiritual calling. You are not ready to accept what the divine help is offering you. It indicates that you are not accepting your gut feeling. However, revolting against your instincts will land you in trouble. It has corrupted your logic and blinded you with fake promises.