General Interpretation and Meaning of the Nine of Pentacles - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

In 1909, Arthur Edward Waite introduced us to the Pentacles, represented by golden disks with a pattern of a pentagram on them. Traditionally, in Tarot, the Minor Arcana is split into four suits, as we all know. They are swords, batons, cups, and coins later revised as Pentacle. And just like other tarot suits, it too has fourteen cards among them we are dealing with the card 'nine.' 

The Nine of Pentacles illustrates a beautiful aristocratic woman surrounded by flourishing grapevines representing her large estate and abundance. The vines are laden with grapes and gold coins showing the fruitfulness of her desire.  

It is also a symbol of her high stature and classy status. She is adorned with a robe embellished with flowers. A hooded falcon is seen perched on her left arm. The falcon is at ease, which is an indication that the maiden is well accustomed to the falcon's presence. This again indicates her wealth and position. As falconry was gameplay in ancient times practiced by rulers and aristocrats. The woman is beholding the falcon comfortably, this shows that she is not scared of the predator bird. 

The hooded falcon is, however, not only a symbol for richness, it also indicates that this predator is not looking out for prey. It just wants to play.  

Her right arm lays on one of the gold coins, and purple grapes are just a touch away from her fingers. This symbolizes that the woman is royal as purple symbolizes royalty. The power she possesses over her estate is represented by the vineyard and her abode in the background. Both the maiden and the falcon are well aware of their powers. They identify themselves as powerful, but they try to keep it in control. Her demeanor shows that she is well aware of her capabilities, but she is not power-hungry.  

In Tarot, this card holds plenty of symbolism, mostly related to money and wealth. She seems to enjoy the wealth and abundance without any exhibition of her high class.  

The falcon on her arm suggests her spiritual control over her body and her knowledge and intellect, as well.  

General Interpretation and significance of the Upright Nine of Pentacles 

The 'Nine of Pentacles' or 'Coins' is a card that represents financial abundance and independence along with intellect. It indicates the achievement of personal pursuits through hard work and struggles, and self-appreciation. The card also shows the power of luxury that one can achieve and cherish. 

When a querent draws a Nine of Pentacles in the upright position it infers that they have sincerely worked hard to achieve this position of abundance in their life. Drawing this card means that now it is time to enjoy the sweet fruit of your hard work and struggles. Your labor and efforts will finally pay off their dues.  

You have sacrificed and built an abode of happiness and fulfillment by shedding blood and sweat. Your efforts and determination have brought you to this level in life where you can enjoy financial security and stability.  

All of the fortune you will receive is your hard-earned success, money, luxury, leisure, and comfort. You deserve it all!

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

Finally, your life is going to be generous to you. You have all the things you need; you have achieved all of it. Right now, you are busy experiencing the fulfillment and luxury you earned to the fullest. Love, relationship, and romance are not something you are concerned about. And that is what will make you more desirable. Your love for yourself and your independence is an attractive trait for the world. Also, this abundance of happiness has raised your expectations of a life partner. You now hope for a lover who will add up to this happiness. You have all the things you need. It is just their care and company that you seek from a loving partner. It also indicates that being in love does not mean having mutual interest. You can have opposite interests and yet find ways to love and care for each other. It encourages you to give space to your partner for self-growth. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

​This card echoes monetary security and financial stability from its core. It suggests that you are going to achieve more things in your career. The rewards you have been looking forward to are going to be yours. This success and rewards are the results of your professional contributions to your job. If you are involved in the business then your business is likely to thrive. It will give you profits that you could never imagine. All this suggests that it is time to lay back and take a rest. Your investments are thriving as well. It ensures that you have achieved secure financial stability and suggests a profitable land deal. 

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

You have given up so many things in your life. Your struggles and will to conquer the best has finally positioned you at a phase in life where you can do whatever you want. It is time to give some care to your body. Pamper yourself and enjoy the process. You need a strong break from all your thinking and efforts. So, take a long sound sleep. The card urges you to relax and reset your mind and body. 

It can also indicate a healthy pregnancy in people who are planning a child. 

​Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

The Nine of Pentacles, in this position, is likely to bring you fulfillment. It will reinforce your confidence and boost your happiness. It will reward you with all sorts of materialistic pleasures. You will have access inside your mind and the insight of your mind will guide you, and your belief in your struggles will be reinvented. Be grateful to the universe for all the goodness you experience. 

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Reversed Nine of Pentacles 

The card of abundance and independence, Nine of Pentacles, when drawn in a reversed way, indicates an alarming situation in the life of the querent.  

The Nine of Pentacles, when drawn in a reversed position, indicates a lack of stability, and security, both in personal life and financially. It suggests the struggling phase where one tries hard to get rewards and appreciation for their hard work. It also alerts you that material positions are not easy to acquire, and also, they are not the final goal. Therefore, channeling all the efforts on them is a waste. It sometimes encourages one to be dishonest and deceiving. They turn out to be shallow and superficial. The reversed card also implies a lack of grace, maturity, and subtlety.  


Therefore, the card represents the sufferings and struggles related to money woes. It also hints at putting a facade or appearance to hide the real scenario. It suggests your desire to achieve all the desirable things in life, but the reverse card immediately reminds you that without sacrificing small joys and pleasures of life, you cannot acquire them. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

Even for relationships, this card symbolizes a lack of stability and emotional security. You have a habit of overindulging in materialistic things and prioritizing them over your relationship. This can harm your relationship. It hints at your indulgence in skipping expenses. You and your partner are not paying enough attention to the bond you share. It also indicates some probable deceit in your relationship.  

The Nine of Pentacles is also a sign signifying a marriage for money or greed. And the singles who pull this card must realize it early that looking for a partner for duping itself-pleasure will drag them into trouble.  

Singles might be feeling that their efforts are going in vain as no one is likely to fall from them for their self-loving persona. They are mistaken as narcissistic. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

This card, when picked in a reversed manner, becomes an alarming sign of losing monetary security. It also hints at the failing business due to lack of proper attention. Your negligence and discarding attitude towards work and career might push you into trouble. It also indicates and alerts you about a monetary scam that might happen. Hence it asks you to be more vigilant and careful about your transactions and investments if you do not want to be bankrupt. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

When the Nine of Pentacles is drawn in a reversed order during a Tarot session, it indicates your negligence towards health issues. You take your fitness very lightly. Your lifestyle will slowly cause hazardous health issues if you keep neglecting it. 

It is also a sign of reproductive issues or miscarriage or termination of pregnancy in women. Keep a tab of your health if you want to thrive physically. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Nine of Pentacles, in the spiritual context, urges one to include self-discipline and hard work in life. There is no shortcut to succeed and achieve abundance. Your lack of confidence and motivation to join the path of spirituality is not helping in any way. You need to step up and step out to achieve new things in life.  



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