General Interpretation and Meaning of the Nine of Swords - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

The Nine of Swords could come up with a variety of possible interpretations. While you might wonder if the upright Nine of swords translates into real trouble, you will also be relieved to know that the reversed nine of swords is symbolic of hope. Since hope is what keeps us going, let us hope to discover some positive aspects of the situation you feel you are trapped in. 

So, let’s delve deep and discover what the Nine of Swords Tarot Card stands for. 

General meaning and Interpretation of the Upright Nine of Swords Tarot Card 

An upright Nine of Swords is an indication of the negativity that surrounds you. Your dilemmas, fears, and anxiety will lead you to lose mental peace. However, the anxieties may also be the symptoms of some disease of some physical state of being like menopause, which is triggering anxiety and restlessness.  


The upright Nine of swords reveals that you are feeling extremely anxious because you are probably contemplating about the future, there will not be any significant alteration in your way of life. It is you who is worrying for no reason. When others will try to console you and suggest methods to cope with your anxiety, you might feel frustrated at how nobody understands what state you are in. But you can rely on what others have to say because you will soon realize that you were only overthinking.  

Love and Relationship (Upright) 

Have you been keeping secrets from your lover? The upright Nine of Swords suggests the possibility of it being true. You are bound to be haunted by the thoughts of your clandestine meetings getting publicized and you will feel guilty about having cheated on your partner. Either way, this phase is the happiest in your relationship history so far.  

But you have not been indulging in infidelity of any sort, the nine of swords could simply mean that you are so stressed that you can barely focus on attempting to mend what lies broken. Your heart will prompt you to seek an escape from your emotions, but that will only worsen the situation. So, wait a while and then initiate a meaningful conversation. 

Money and Career interpretation (upright) 

The upright nine of swords, when viewed in light of the career aspects, is symbolic of unsatisfied work life. You will be burdened with work. But the nine if swords signify that you are more tensed than there is work at your table. It will all get done if you abstain from worrying about deadlines. At this point, your pessimistic thoughts know no bounds. But is the situation that bad? Your savings will sustain you for a long even if you get into trouble. So, stop obsessing over your finances and focus rather on the work that lies ahead of you.  

The upright nine of swords suggests that you should engage yourself in your job and approach it like you are prolific at it. The confidence will overshadow your anxiety and you will be good to go! 

Health interpretation (upright) 

The upright nine of swords announces the arrival of extremes- that on the negative side. Your health is not at its best. You must be feeling exhausted and this could result in nausea and headache. These physical symptoms of being unwell are a reflection of the stress that you have been taking. Insomnia that you have been experiencing is the product of your worries. If you feel there is something else that is causing these problems in your body, visit a doctor because your sexual health could also be the source of such an imbalance.  

The upright Nine of swords implies that you should not let anything your mental health because that is the root cause of all your physical and mental uneasiness. Once you are done and dusted with the worries, you can again lead a happy and healthy life.  

Spiritual interpretation(upright) 

A close reading of the upright nine of swords tells prompts that at the root of the sense of alienation and rootlessness you have been experiencing is the stress that you have been taking. The anxiety is a reflection of nothing but a perceived threat that will eventually turn out to be baseless. Your work may have claimed your mental balance for now, but have you tried age-old remedies like meditation or yoga? The upright none of swords inspires you to try it out! Even if you think that it will be of no help, you will at least have a distraction. 

General meaning and interpretation of the Nine of swords (reversed) 

The reversed nine of swords reveals that there is one thing you seem to be forgetting- the fact that a night is always followed by bright daylight. It suggests that you should abstain from participating in escalating your worries. The reversed nine of swords translates to the idea that the gossip revolving around you will affect your career, but it also suggests that all your colleagues care about is your output and not about what others have to say about you. People in your vicinity are highly professional and will least bother about popular opinions. 


The reversed nine of swords signify that you will be able to look at the bright side of things. While your anxiety had been preventing you from moving ahead in life, your recovery from a stressful situation will be accompanied by joy and progress. The reversed nine of swords is symbolic of your success in reviving relationships that had lost vitality. The card indicates that your sorry is something people are going to value because they do understand that whatever you did was not intentional.  

Love and relationship (reversed) 

The reverse nine of swords announces that if you have been cheating on your partner, it is not to be concealed anymore. Even if you tend to avoid disclosing your secret affair, your partner will discover the reality. No matter how your secret is discovered, you will be filled with guilt. But like two sides to a coin, the reverse nine of swords also implies that you will either be forgiven or will be forgotten. You should hard to mend the gap that has been created between the two of you rather than regretting that you did not make enough efforts to sustain your relationship.  

After all, you cannot alter what is already done. The reversed reverse nine of swords, therefore, asks you to focus on what is in the present and what the future holds because that is exactly what will help you achieve peace. Your partner must be shattered by the reward they have received in return for their unconditional love. So, be gentle and offer them their time and space to process what has been done to them.  

The reversed nine of swords reveals that if you do try hard, there is a possibility of the relationship working. 

Money and career interpretation (reversed) 

The reversed nine of swords is like a double-edged sword. Everyone has been noticing how overwhelmed you are by the amount of work at hand, but if you fail to manage to deal with your stress, the situation might worsen. On the other hand, however, you can try and overcome your anxiety which will ensure that your work is smoothly done, no matter how difficult the job is.  

The reverse nine of swords indicates that as far as your financial worries are concerned, you will probably succeed in dealing with it with minimum effort and a little planning. But if it continues to bother you, you might want to opt for professional help. Your mental health ought to be your priority and you need not sacrifice it for anything on earth.  

Health interpretation (reversed) 

The reverse nine of swords could bring about a little happiness for you this time. You have been anxious over the past few days, but this card is here to show you a different face of the world around you. If you put in the required amount of effort, you will surely overcome all the stress to arrive at a renewed idea of the self.  

The reverse nine of swords could also, however, indicate that your hormones will be back on track again. Your mental stability and hormonal balance are inextricably intertwined. Playing with one affects the other and now is the time when you can strike the perfect balance and enjoy yourself. 

Spiritual interpretation (reversed) 

Hope is what retains us in the harshest of circumstances. The reversed nine of swords reveals your ability to see through the positive aspects of what surrounds you right now will help you get back on track, with an enhanced sense of confidence. The spiritual way that you have chosen is beneficial. But once you have derived the benefits of spirituality, can you even resist indulging in its practice?  

You only have this one life to explore and understand the world and your worries are hindering your way. So, the reverse nine of swords suggests that you should allow spirituality to make inroads into your life and see what wonders it works! 


The Nine of Swords Tarot card highlights both the positive and negative aspects of your current state of being. While the upright Nine of swords may be interpreted as warning you against impending doom, the reversed nine of swords is the ray of hope you have been seeking amidst the overarching darkness that surrounds you.  

The Nine of Swords emphasizes how your tendency to contemplate and overthink harmless things can ruin your mental peace and can go on to affect your physical health as well. If you wish to avoid being faced with an illness, the nine of swords reveals that it is better chose to not stress over the little things and focus rather on the broader picture that offers hope.