General Interpretation and Meaning of the Page of Swords - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 28 2021

The powerful Tarot card of Page of Swords depicts a young man who is standing with his sword that is pointing high up in the sky. The posture of his body and his sword are aligned in the same direction while he is looking in the other direction to see what is happening around him. A fresh cool breeze blows past through his hair, while the clouds darkening behind him symbolizes the accumulation of the dynamic energy of the card. The land on which the young man is standing is covered with lustrous green grasses which indicate the fertility of the soil. This card suggests the positive changes that are soon going to come in life.  


General Interpretation and meaning of the Upright Page of Swords 

When the Tarot card Page of Swords comes in your general reading, it represents some kind of delay. The delay can be in the form of news, inspiration, or actions. It also suggests the protectiveness and guarded behavior of an individual. The Minor Arcana card of Page of Swords is an indication that you need to be patient. Any judgments made by you in haste or during arguments can bring in shame or can be used against you. The Page of Swords also speaks about fairness and justice. You might be someone who fights for justice and strongly stands against any form of injustice. You speak out for the mishappening. The card also suggests that you are inclined towards learning new lessons. You have a strong proclivity towards education and you are quick-witted, curious, intelligent and someone who tries to question everything analytically.  

The Page of Swords can also signify that you are probably talkative and who loves interacting with different people. You are honest about your opinion and voice it strongly. Sometimes you can be too blunt or engage yourself in gossips. Page of Swords indicates you are young at heart with a courageous soul. You love having lively discussions and with your witty aptitude, you surprise the others. 

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

The Page of Swords in the context of love Interpretation suggests that there may be some ongoing conflicts in your relationship. You might be unnecessarily drawing yourself into petty arguments with no real intention. Yes, it is always necessary to fight for the injustice and the wrongs and you are brave enough to stand for your point. However, don’t engage in fights that could be easily negotiated. By doing this you tend to disrupt the peace and harmony in your relationship. Not every small disagreement needs to be turned into a blown-up argument.  


If you are single and looking for an answer from the person in your mind, this card suggests that there is going to be some delay. The person might be taking some time longer before expressing his true emotions towards you. So, you need to be patient. This card also suggests that you need to socialize with others more as this might help you meet someone special. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

The Page of Swords indicates you are highly intelligent and have great potential. You are filled with innovative ideas and very ambitious. Your future is going to be very bright and you are going to be very successful when it comes to your career. This card suggests that you need to push yourself a little further in terms of academics to enjoy a successful career. This Minor Arcana card is also an indication that if you are waiting for some kind of interview, you are likely to hear positive news from them. In terms of finances, if you have been waiting for an increment there might be some delays in that.  


Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The upright position of the Page of Swords indicates that you are getting an opportunity to improve your health. If you have been suffering from sickness or any kind of disease your health is going to be improved. If there has been some mental trauma that you have been dealing with, you will soon have the courage to overcome it. However, be careful and don’t push yourself too hard.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

In the spiritual connotation, the Page of Swords suggests that until now you have been neglecting the spiritual side of you. You have been focusing more on the logical and pragmatic side of life and have been denying the spiritual side of you. Life needs to have a perfect balance of logic and spirituality.  

General Interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Page Of Swords  

The reversed Page of Swords indicates that you are soon going to receive disappointing news. You might be feeling demotivated and might be running out of new ideas or inspirations. The reversed Tarot card of Page of Swords can also indicate that you can be sometimes too defensive and cold with your actions. In certain cases, you can be too sarcastic and cynical with your attitude which can turn out to be offensive. The Minor Arcana card in reverse is a warning that you are being too ambitious and not seeing the actual picture. You need to stick your head out of the clouds of thought and see the reality.  

This card can also suggest that you are lacking the vision and might also be lacking fair judgment. Your actions might be proving you dim-witted or might be you are unclear about the actions you are taking. This speaks ill about you as you are unable to collect your scattered thoughts. You might be acting cowardly and may not be raising your voice against injustice. It might also happen you are engaged in an activity that is against the laws.  


The reversed Page of Swords is a strong indication that you can also be lacking in communication skills. Take this sign as a warning and try to socialize. The more you isolate, the lesser opportunities you will receive in life. By communicating with others, you will understand the areas where you are lagging. You might be thinking that you are being honest and direct, but in reality, you are being blunt and aggressive. Matters which can be expressed diplomatically without any controversy could have been resolved more patiently. But your wrong approach to the topic makes the situation worse than before.  

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

If you are in a relationship and you get the reversed Page of Swords in your love Interpretation, it is an indication that you are with someone manipulative. The person is playing mind games with you and might be coldly treating you. Your partner might not be caring and might be adding on extra emotional baggage upon you. This might be the root cause of troubles and conflicts in your relationship. This can be the reason why you have been becoming paranoid about the relationship. You need to take control of the situation and not let your partner punish you. This kind of treatment might be affecting you mentally. This card also suggests that if you are waiting for some kind of news, you might be receiving disappointments. You might set upset by the kind of news you will be receiving.  

If you are single, the Page of Swords in reversed can indicate that you might soon get involved with someone who might be treating you incorrectly. The person can be playing the victim card and be manipulative. You have to be aware and be very careful before proceeding with this kind of toxic relationship.  


Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Page of Swords in the career reading is an indication that you are indecisive and cannot make your mind regarding the path you need to choose. You are finding it incapable of choosing the right career and therefore might be switching from one option to the other. You might have also changed several companies and yet been unable to find a satisfactory job. You might be having all kinds of ideas and envision yourself working in your dream company. But when the opportunity arrives you are unable to seize it. When it comes to financing if you have been hoping for some particular news, you are going to receive disappointments. The outcome will shatter you.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

In the health context, the reversed Page of Swords indicates, you are suffering from mental stress. It also suggests that your heart is heavy and you might be going through a tough phase of your life where you have experienced some kind of traumatic experience. The incident might have shattered you mentally. You are feeling lost, scared and everything seems to be foggy and unclear in front of you. It is a warning not to worry too much. Take one step at a time. You have to learn to give yourself the time and also slow down your pace.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

In the spiritual connotation, the reversed Page of Swords is a warning that you need to be careful with the company to decide to choose. You might be in a group of companies that are manipulative and might be using their sharp wit and aptitude to cause harm to you. It also suggests you be aware of the kind of companions you chose in the future. They might appear to be spiritual leaders but they will have an ulterior motive behind them.