General Interpretation and Meaning of the Page of Wands - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 07 2021

A young man holds a slender rod from both arms and stares intently at the foliage emerging from the tip in the Page of Wands.  

Salamanders, a supernatural creature connected with flame and metamorphosis, are imprinted on his robe. The Page remains motionless, his stick tucked up on the floor, implying that, even when he is fascinated by the budding staff's potential for development, he has yet to act on that motivation. 

The arid and hilly scenery in the backdrop of the card suggests that the Page does have the ability to identify promising prospects in even the most unexpected locations. He is so motivated by his thoughts that he can accomplish anything and is not constrainable by his surroundings. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Page of Wands 

When you handle the Page of Wands, you are prone to trying everything. People relish the chance to embark on a novice adventure or endeavor to see where it leads. You do not have powerful strategies in mind, and you have no idea where you have been going, but you are enthusiastic about the prospects. You have a talent for coming up with new innovative ideas outside of the constraints of ordinary routine. Nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals! 

Although the Page of Wands presence implies that you are suffering from innovative unrest, note that the Page is staying motionless with his rod firmly embedded on the floor, and he is not about to go anywhere. You also have to harness your innovative flair and root it in actuality before you can put it into action in the real world. Before investing, you should plan out your technique, verify your concepts, or conduct several tests. It could be beneficial to put your ideas through some process of filtration. This way, you will only act on matters which are most in line with your overall objectives. 

The upright Page of Wands is a personification of a youthful human, a kid, or an individual, young at heart, who is new, bright, lively, energetic, hopeful, and overflowing vitality. 


Love & Relationships (Upright) 

Well, with love and relationships in Page of Wands tarot meaning, the universe is full of opportunities.  If you're single, you'll be eager to socialize and venture into new territory when it concerns something romantic. You might also encounter somebody who represents this chapter in your romantic life. The Page of Wands is an individual who is both daring and energetic, who finds love easily but also gets tired quickly. It may even be tough to form a meaningful commitment with this individual since they thrive on new experiences, but a brief relationship could be fulfilling. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

When the Page of Wands occurs in your Tarot deck, it can signify that you are in the initial phases of or considering establishing a novice work, venture, or enterprise that you are pleased about. Ensure you've thought over your new business, as the Page of Wands has a habit of leaping into stuff without knowing. This Minor Arcana card also symbolizes a business-related journey, indicating that you'll be able to travel for employment. The card is a favorable sign if you've been waiting for a potential employer or a raise you sought for. Financially, your funds will be in great shape, as it suggests financial luck, an excess of money and gifts heading your way, or enticing new asset classes. Don't finish it all off in one place! Set away some funds for later uses. 

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Page of Wands in a health or wellness Tarot reading indicates that you'll have to make decisions that affect your wellness or get exercising. It could be beginning a new workout routine, altering your nutrition by implementing a nutrition plan, or simply taking a more constructive attitude to your diet and wellbeing. This card is usually associated with encouraging news or a course of action, so it's a positive sign if you've been awaiting results or health-related information. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

The Page of Wands in a religious or spiritual setting can signify that you are about to embark on a novice spiritual journey. Once this Minor Arcana card emerges in your Tarot session, you are about to embark on an exciting new era of travel and learning. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Page of Wands 

You may sense the rumblings of something fresh developing inside you; however, you do not know how to comprehend it or to make it a reality, according to the reversed Page of Wands. One may have a seedling of a concept or a hunch that something fresh is on the way, and you have to show it to the universe, but you are not ready yet. You do not have to act right now; in reality, taking action now could be counterproductive because this concept is still in its infancy. For now, play with the notion allowing it to evolve, mature, and flourish into whatever it desires. Enable the artistic gap to start opening to you instead of forcing it. 

The inverted Page of Wands indicates that you could have attempted several fresh initiatives or endeavors, but they have not worked out as well as you initially expected. You may well have wished to begin a novice pastime or endeavor with the hopes of turning it into something more substantial, but you now discover you chose the wrong strategy, and it isn't boosting the growth and progress you had hoped for in the beginning. The flipped Page of Wands encourages you to engage with your initial concept or notion and find new opportunities to convey it. Only because you were unable to achieve the initially doesn't imply the idea is flawed; the implementation may be out of sync. 

The reversed Page of Wands denotes a youth, kid, or someone young at heart, who could be impulsive, naive, or restless, or may even lack enthusiasm and energy. He could also be sluggish, apathetic, cynical, or spoilt. 

Love & Relationships (Reversed) 

If you're solo, the reversed Page of Wands card meaning may indicate someone who isn't ready for a long-term relationship. Those people are prone to be roving and inconsistent because they do not understand what they want to do with life. Their fierce personalities may also get them in danger. The said card can also represent a time in your romantic life once you are uncertain of what you want; without proper guidance, you may find yourself in a halt. Rather than looking for love haphazardly, you may have to invest additional time determining what you wish for in a companion. If you're in a relationship, the said card can indicate a period of frustration and stagnation. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Page of Wands inverted in a career narrative can imply that you have notions where you'd like to go in your job or venture; however, you don't know how to get there or aren't investing in the effort. If this card shows up, it can also suggest a lack of desire, desire, excitement, or vitality in you. When this Minor Arcana card is inverted, it can signal that everything in your profession has come to a halt or is preventing you from growing. It could also mean that you are appearing across as careless, distracted, and even snobbish or pompous to your superiors, coworkers, or partners, which won't help you develop. The flipped Page of Wands in a monetary Tarot deck shows that your funds are not progressing well, as it can signify terrible financial data and that you are careless or overconfident with wealth to your harm. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Page of Wands inverted in a wellness Tarot deck might suggest; either a lot of stored up stamina or fatigue. If you've been sick or hurt and are attempting to recuperate, this card could signal that you're missing the enthusiasm to start moving anew or that you've developed isolation sickness and cannot wait to get out of the house. For either case, slowly reintroduce yourself to activities. Don't be scared to ask your pals for guidance and motivation. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a spiritual setting, the flipped Page of Wands can imply that you will be afraid of changing your spiritual practice. We must leave our limits to develop and gain. Don't be scared to branch out and try something new. Even when it doesn't turn out, you'll get knowledge from it. 

Events become less significant when contrasting what you desire to "push" and "pushing" you. That is the risk, but it is also a possibility. Don't "lose" yourself or your opportunity. When you see this card, it's time for something new start that will lead you to realize the genuine strength and power of your flame, your particular strength. You are created with powerful desires, determination, and ambitions. It is the ideal opportunity to live, overcoming and welcoming triumph and loss, all occurrences and experiences with zeal.