General Interpretation and Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 09 2021

The powerful tarot card of Queen of Pentacles projects the dominance of a strong independent woman who is sitting confidently on a stone throne. The throne is beautifully decorated with fruits, goats, angels, and other symbols to attract success and pleasures. She is holding gold coins with both of her hands and looks down on them with care. This is a symbolization that she is trying to nurture material success and wealth. The extraordinary flowers and plants that surround her represent her close connection with Mother Earth and abundance.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Queen Of Pentacles 

The upright position of the Queen of Pentacles in general interpretation represents up-gradation in the social status, wealth, success, abundance, and immense prosperity. The card is the representation of your sensibility. You will be approaching matters logically and practically. You won’t be accepting any kind of nonsense which will help you attract success and will also make you financially independent.  

This card represents that you are progressively working on your goals and you are determined to achieve the success that you have aimed for. The Queen of Pentacles is a mature woman who understands her responsibility and possesses strong feminine characters to represent her strength. She is very generous when it comes to wealth and finance and has a strong proclivity towards the materialistic pleasures in life. If the card appears in your general interpretation this means you are good at business and also a social butterfly who loves engaging in attending occasions and also charm others with her charismatic and polite nature. She is a wonderful mother who loves to bring in all the pleasures of life for her children and loves implanting good behaviors in her children.  

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

 The upright position of Queen of Pentacles in your love interpretation suggests that you are feeling confident about the person you are dating. The relationship with the special person makes you feel secured. You and your partner both love indulging in the luxuries of life. This tarot card also means that either both or one of you is extremely kind, nurturing, generous, practical, loyal, and very confident towards the other person. The card also suggests that either you or your partner will be a suitable homemaker and will be able to nurture children very well. 

In case if you are single, this card represents that you have the complete liability to choose the person who deserves the right love. You are going to be selective when it comes to choosing a partner for you and they will be very confident while choosing the right person. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

The Queen of Pentacles upright in money and career interpretation is a very good omen. The card suggests huge success in your business and your professional career. You are very analytical and organized when it comes to approaching matters. It can also imply that your business partner can be a woman who possesses these qualities and will be contributing immensely in bringing huge abundance to your company. This card implies that you or your business partner is very logical when it comes to handling financial matters. Follow your instincts and also listen to their advice while taking important decisions. The Queen of Pentacles card symbolizes huge wealth, finance, abundance, and success for you.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Queen of Pentacles in your health interpretation represents good health. It indicates that you are eating a diet that is healthy and are getting adequate rest. However, if you have been facing some kind of health problem, then this card is an indication that you need to focus on your health. You have to take the proper medicines and pay a little closer attention to the needs of your body. Try to give more time to yourself and look after the important needs.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

The upright position of the Queen of Pentacles suggests that you have to keep more faith in yourself. You need to start restoring faith in your instincts and your capabilities. To feel spiritually fulfilled these are the immediate matters which require close attention. This Minor Arcana card is also an indication of possessing natural healing powers and you like to nurture others with your love and patience. The upright Queen of Pentacles also suggests the involvement of someone who is strongly inclined to religion may be a white witch in your life.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Queen of Pentacles  

The reversed Queen of Pentacles is an indication of a lack of social status. You might have a poor social profile and can also suffer from poverty. The card symbolizes failure and dependency on someone else. This card represents your inability to have control over yourself which provokes you to take irrational steps. The Minor Arcana card warns you to again refocus on your life or else you will end up being a misanthropist losing everything valuable in life. Your lack of common sense and impulsive nature may invoke problems and chaotic dramas in life.  

The reversed Queen of Pentacles implies a mature female who is mean and very materialistic. This person can be pretentious and might also be overly spoiled. She projects an attitude of jealously and aggressiveness. She is very possessive about her well-being and can be a manipulative sociopath. Her envious nature and sheer fascination with materialistic pleasure can provoke her to take the wrong decisions in life. The reversed position of this card can also simply define a person who is lazy and is always procrastinating. The person can be really bad at handling finances and is very disorganized. Their lack of fair judgment can lead them to come across unpleasant circumstances. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Queen of Pentacles in the reversed position in a love reading can signify, you feel stuck. If you are in a relationship the bonding isn’t strong and you are being doubtful about the connection that you share with your partner. You might be feeling jealous or you are being insecure about your relationship. Either you or your partner is expressing tendencies of being over-possessive or dominancy over the other. This card suggests that a person is unable to put up their best personality and is expressing an unpleasant attitude. The bond between the two individuals might be boring and one of them is constantly expecting the other person to do all the work and is being lazy and unproductive. This card implements that either you or your partner is being very manipulative to the other. Reversed Queen of Pentacles is jealous, possessive, and highly insecure. She is a stubborn and arrogant person who is a bad mother. She torments her children and is unable to provide love and warmth to her children. She sets a bad example for them. If you are single, then this card is a warning that you shouldn’t overestimate yourself. You also need to be cautious while choosing a partner as the person might possess these traits.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Queen of Pentacles is a bad omen if it comes in your money and career interpretation. This signifies a person who is chaotic and very disorganized with their methods. They are unable to have control over themselves which makes them unreliable. This can be a serious problem if you are in the corporate world or if you own a company. It is a warning that you need to gather your thoughts and take things more seriously. You have to change your perspective in life and approach matters with more seriousness. The card can also suggest your business partner possessing these traits. In such a case it is a strong discouragement to process things further with this person. The person can bring immense loss to your business. There might be unfavorable circumstances that you and your company might have to encounter for this person.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Queen of Pentacles in the reversed position in the health interpretation generally implies someone who is struggling with health problems. The person might be suffering either from obesity or the problem of being underweight. It indicates the person might be overwhelmed by the responsibilities on their shoulder and finds it difficult to cope with up with everything. This has been adversely affecting their health and now they feel too exhausted. To overcome such problems, it is suggested that you should try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Queen of Pentacles in a spiritual reading indicates that you are not using your powers and gifts. This card can also mean that you are being negative about your capabilities. However, on the other hand, the card also suggests that you might be misusing your gifts and spiritual insight. Your gifts have been given by the Universe to use to their fullest capacity to bring about good not only for yourself but also for others. Try to make good use of your gifts.  



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