General Interpretation and Meaning of the Queen of Wands - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 07 2021

The image displayed in the Queen of Wands tarot card represents a queen sitting audaciously on a throne facing straight. The throne is decorated with lions that face the opposite is a symbol of fire and strength. On her left hand, she is holding a sunflower, images of which are also carved on the throne that symbolizes fertility, stability, and happiness. Whereas on the right hand she is holding a wand with one small sprout on the top that symbolizes life. On a positive note, Queen of Wands represents faithfulness, warmth, and sustenance.  

The darker and lesser-known side of the queen is represented by the black cat sitting near her feet, which is generally associated with witchcraft and bad luck but it can also mean the queen's ability to grasp deep intuition. In general, the Queen of Wands in a tarot reading may represent a person who is remarkably focused and has fierce passion.  

General interpretation and meaning of Upright Queen of Wands

Upright Queen of wands in tarot card reading represents a person who is independent, confident, outgoing, friendly, and courageous. You are aware of your life purpose and are ready to face any challenge. You approach relationships with self-assurance, which is great. It represents a person who will not change herself for the sake of fitting into other people’s desires and does not care about what other people think of them. If Queen of Wands appears in your tarot reading then it means that you will get a solution to your problem soon.  

It means that you are full of ideas that you want to share with others and you are an optimist. You know how to direct your weaknesses and strengths to the best interest of your goals. You know what you want and how to get it. You are good at communicating and that helps you achieve your goals. You are so full of energy that people get tired just looking at you. This card means you like to take charge of things and organize your life. The Queen of Wands represents a mature female or a feminine person who is vivacious, lively, passionate, and strong. She may be a fire sign- Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius. She has a great sense of humor and is better at multitasking. On a negative note, she is short-tempered, forgetful, and chaotic. 

Love and relationship (upright) 

The Queen of Wands in a love tarot reading means that you are proud of your individuality and ready to go out in the world to mingle. If you are in a relationship then this card means that either you or your partner has the qualities mentioned above. Remember a queen can be fierce but when you are with her life never seems boring. This card indicates that things are going great between you and your partner and you two feel very excited, loved, and confident. If you are planning a baby then consider this card as a good omen because it represents fertility and motherhood. If you are single then this card in your tarot love reading means either you are going to meet someone who has these qualities or you are the one depicting the qualities mentioned above. People get attracted to you because you are full of independence and sexiness. 

Money and career (upright) 

If the Queen of Wands appears in your career tarot reading then it represents that you are full of enthusiasm on the professional front. You are taking action to get things done the right way. People may get amazed by the number of tasks you complete at one time. If you are thinking of taking a new project or venture then this card means that you have done proper research and you are capable of doing it. 

In terms of money-related tarot reading, the  Queen of Wands represents that you are managing your money well and you are capable of making the right call when it comes to investments and spending. Just keep this in mind and keep account of your spendings so that you do not get carried away. 

Health (upright) 

The Queen of Wands in a health Tarot reading indicates good health and vitality. It is considered a good omen for those finding answers related to their emotional or physical health. When she appears your energy levels are on the next level and people probably wonder where you are getting your energy from! It represents motherhood so if you are planning to have a baby then take it as approval from the queen herself! 

Spiritual (upright) 

In a spiritual context, when the Queen of Wands appears in your Tarot reading it represents that you want spiritual knowledge and practice. Your enthusiasm is praiseworthy but take care of your direction before getting the best course of action. 

General interpretation and meaning of Reversed Queen of Wands 

In general, the Queen of Wands reversed means that you may be feeling overwhelmed or pessimistic. You may have taken on more tasks than your ability when the Queen appears in your tarot reading. You are exhausted and soon going to burn yourself out when she appears! On the other side, it indicates that you are sticking your nose in someone else’s business. If you are capable of supporting people in need then do it! However, keep in mind that interfering in someone else’s work is not appreciated by them. This card can also indicate that your life is chaotic and disorganized and you are not taking charge of things. When reversed it indicates inefficiency or causing difficulty to others. The Reversed Queen of Wands represents a mature female or feminine person who is pushy, bossy around, bully, and demanding. She can be a fire sign- Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. She can be manipulative, rude, and unfriendly. She may be a trouble-maker who is unfaithful and a liar. On the other side, she can be someone who has low self-esteem and lacks confidence. She may have been overwhelmed or exhausted.  

Love and relationship (reversed) 

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Queen of Wands in a love tarot indicates that either your partner depicts the qualities mentioned above or you are the one depicting these qualities. If she is your partner then be careful because she might not be a good impact on you and your mental health. It also indicates that your partner may be suffering from a lack of confidence. This card means that your partner is exhausted, so spend some quality time together to make her feel better. This reversed card is not a good omen for you if you are planning a baby as it indicates fertility issues. If you are single and this card appears reversed in your tarot reading then it means that either you have the characteristics mentioned above or you are going to meet someone like that. If you meet a girl with these traits then be careful because she may be a malicious liar and manipulative. On the other hand, she may be lacking confidence and have low self-esteem so if you can help her then that is great. If you are the one with these traits then work on yourself to be a better person. 

Money and career (reversed) 

The Queen of Wands reversed in your career tarot reading that you are lacking the energy required to achieve your goals. There may be several unexpected challenges and obstacles that are draining your energy. Alternatively, it represents that you have taken too much on your plate and you are not able to finish it. You want everything to happen according to you but that is not going to help you. Allow others to help you. The Queen of Wands also represents a mature female who may prove a hindrance in your career.  

On the financial front, the reversed Queen of Wands indicates that you are not managing your finances accordingly. It either means that you are spending too much money or being a total miser. Get balance! Spend your money wisely if you are overspending or if you are being too tight then do not be afraid of spending a little.  

Health (reversed) 

The Queen of Wands reversed in your health tarot reading is a bad omen because it represents lack of vitality and ill-health. When she appears it means your energy levels are very low. If this card appears reversed then consider it as a bad sign if you are planning a baby because it represents infertility.  

Spirituality (reversed) 

In a spiritual context, the Queen of Wands reversed represents a mature or older woman who may try to control your spiritual journey. This woman may be your mentor but tries to force her own rules and beliefs on you. Follow what you believe to be true and ignore the rest. Your spiritual journey is only yours and no one else has a right to control it.