General Interpretation and Meaning of the Seven of Cups - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 07 2021

Between the seven cups, a man stands in front of the seven cup compressed with different gifts. Some cup come with favorable gifts, such as jewelry and victory crowns. But the gifts of others are not gifts at all, on the opposite, they are curses, like snakes or dragons. The different cup signify distinct things that you have to be careful what you want, because not everything is simple. Not Everything Is What It Seems: Because you can't approve all gifts without impact, choose gifts that are truly rewarding, rather than simple, attractive gifts. 

A decision has to be made, but in the process, you expect to go beyond fantasy and requirements and instead focus on what's good for you. 

As a person, the seventh cup is out of touch with reality. They have a utopian life expectancy and do not know how to deal with the painful outcomes of their shortcomings.  

This kind of person should be cautious of people around him who exploit him/her in life because they are generally not able to defend themselves effectively. Therefore, they are often scapegoats and subjected to bullying. 

General understanding and connotation of the upright seven of cups 

The seven of cup is a card that comprises new alternatives, options, and sometimes something unusual. When the seven of cup approves on the tarot card, you have many choices and opportunities to choose from. But be cautious! You are inclined to unrealistic desires. An opportunity that pledges to generate more money, more prosperity, or more strength may seem better adaptive for you, you may find that this is not all on the veneer. Your ego can steer you in a specific direction, but it is important that you first discuss with your higher self. Analyze your options/opportunities and comprehend the meaning of what you get.  

 Many times, the Seven of Cups card may be an indication of the future illusion and forecast you want to create, rather than taking action to accomplish it. For example, you may aspire to have a healthier inside and outside of the physique until it is time to go out for exercise. Or, you may want a thriving passive income-driven business, but are not ready or keen to work hard to relish the fruits of your labor. If you are waiting most of the time but not toiling, then it is time to make a determination on one thing and let it happen.  

You may discover that your ideas are not founded on reality. Your plans may sound great in your imagination, but when it comes to enforcing them, you may find that they don't fit in the real world.  

Seven of cup can be a reminder of shiny object syndrome. You're always looking for the "next big thing," but you won't see any of these fresh alternatives until the very end. When you are in the abstract stage, you will lose the opportunity to put the strategy into practice. Once again, it's time to concentrate on one thing that brings you closer to your objective; Resist the urge to get detracted when other thoughts arise. If important, record the ideas as they arise, but focus on the only thing you are doing.  

This card invites you out of the deliberation of options stage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, make sure the alternatives you choose meet your goals and best interests, even if you feel a bit indifferent about the options available, it is up to you. 

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

With the seven of cup appearing in the Love Tarot, numerous choices and your determinations are waiting for you. If you are single, you may have to decide between different partners, or between love and family, or between love and career. The seven of cups of love in the tarot card may also imply that all the choices look appealing at the moment, but although they are favorable, they may be wishful thinking. Take your time and evaluate things carefully; only proper communication and examination can get what you want. With love, we may be anxious to get into turmoil, letting desire and dependence lead us to things that will not last. It is crucial to consider all options carefully and look for red flags or reasoning that you may feel "something is wrong" about the relationship. Trust yourself and your intuitions. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

The seven of cups represent a person facing various choices in everything. If this card is associated to your career, you may see different ways to gain at work. This multiple-choice is usually good, but it's important to pay vigilance to the amount of time you spend wishing rather than taking steps to fulfill it. Remember, a potential path relies on the steps you are ready to take. You have many ways to advance in your career, all of which can bestow you a great future ahead. However, if you do not select a path and stick to it, none of them will give you what you wish. Whatever you decide in the end, it will be decent for you; therefore, act decisively and confidently. 

Health Interpretation (Upright)  

In terms of health, it can suggest that you can be overloaded and overstuff at the same time, which can make you feel weary, and easily you can get sick or injured. Try to diminish your workload to an effortless level and take time for yourself. It can also indicate hallucinations related to mental health problems. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

In terms of spirituality, the Seven of Cups suggest that you are analyzing your spiritual power and there are many other spiritual things that increase your interest. Getting gifts is not simple because you didn't put your work into cultivating them. If this is the case, try to grab a few of the spiritual pursuits that appeal to you the most and do one at a time. It should be simple to ponder with this little arcane Tarot card. 

General interpretation and meaning of the reversed seven of cups 

When faced with several varied options, there is often an inverted glass seven, instead of selecting a preference that may attract others. You rely on your inner intuition and guidance to exhibit you the best way. You can formulate your own norms to help you make a determination that suits your heart.  

 If you encounter multiple alternatives or ideas, you must settle down first and see what you expect in the long run. All these shiny new items in front of you now have some kind of "magic" power on you, and if you pursue your dreams, you may lose focus. Take a step back and examine the options based on your preferences to determine which reliefs are truly beneficial for your future.  

 As a choice and symbol, upside-down seven of cups may indicate that you are overpowered by various choices and cannot move on. Curb your choices diminish the expectations and focus on what is vital to you. You don't need to keep staring for that good idea; you have what you need. Make a choice and move on. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

Your lack of a clear understanding of the love you want will make your love life more messy and disorderly. This can be a waste of time, missed opportunities, sentimental setback, all because you can't make up your mind. Your love life may be full of dead ends, deceptions, broken hearts, and mixed thinking. The important thing is to focus on what you wish for, not to let the world choose for you. Or, if you gradually understand what is important to you, then these conclusions are worth taking action. Now you can take the fundamental steps to make things happen. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

Although upright represent considerable options, seven of cups reversed may mean other options. People often feel entangled by work and have no chance of growth. This is also familiar for people who believe they realize that it is too late to find the accurate position but have not worked on time. Regardless of whether one (or both) applies to you, please try not to give up on these pessimistic beliefs. This card also depicts a clear perception of your career goals. Use these skills to honestly examine your location and its deficiencies. Ask yourself what you can do to make improvements in your career more actively. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

In the health tarot card, the seven of cup reversed can suggest that poor lifestyle preferences have a negative impact on health. For example, if you are addicted to junk food, liquor, or drugs, the reversed seven of cups card notifies you that it is time to recoup control. If you find it complicated to get rid of bad habits, please seek professional assistance or talk to your doctor. Or you can become so fit and strong that you can over-exercise. It’s good to take care of your condition, but take a break from time to time. It is necessary to take time to relax. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

On the spiritual side, the seven of cups are upside down, which indicates that you have disregarded the spiritual side and paid too much interest to the surface or material aspects in life. Material activities will not fetch you real happiness. Try to improve your spiritual grade to find satisfaction and enlightenment. Don't restrict yourself, your abilities are far more than you think!