General Interpretation and Meaning of the Seven of Wands - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

Seven of Wands Tarot card depicts a man standing on top of a tall hill, challenged by opponents standing below. He is armed with a wand held by both hands and defending himself from six more wands coming from below. It looks like he is defending his territory. It is interesting to see that the man is not wearing matching pair of shoes. This is an indication that he was unprepared for the battle or do not have a stable base in life.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Upright Seven of Wands 

In general, the Seven of Wands Tarot card represents rivals, taking a stand for what you believe, make yourself be heard, and keep your end up. This card represents the struggles you have to face to maintain your position and control instead of attaining it. It indicates the difficulties you will have to face to have success. This Minor Arcana Card can also indicate a person who is strong-willed, preservative, defensive, self-assured, dynamic, resolute, persistent, and authoritative. It can propose that you have been hedged in, assaulted, criticized, or the whipping boy but you are withstanding. The appearance of this card in your tarot spread indicates life will be full of challenges, hectic and arduous. You have to prepare yourself for the competition to protect your title and prove yourself. You need the stamina to face all these challenges.  


Overall, the seven of wands Tarot card indicates to hold your ground no matter what challenges come in your way. You need to defend your position and fight off those who try to take your spot. There will be several setbacks during this time but you do not have to stop.  

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

In a Love tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Seven of wands Tarot card indicates that some challenges are going to show up and if you want your bond to stay stronger for a long time then you will have to fight for it. This challenge can come from within the relationship, either you or your partner trying to blame the other one for mistakes. It can also represent that your relationship is in danger because of third parties and you need to protect and defend it. You need to manage control, keep your ends up and be persistent. Do not let others destroy your relationship. Even after all these challenges, you will have a sense of confidence that you can save your relationship. Hold this feeling because it will give you strength when things go out of hand. If you are single, the Seven of Wands tarot card recommends that if you like someone then you will have to fight for them. There can be tough competition for this person’s fondness and if you do not make any move now, you will be lost in the crowd.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

In a Career Tarot reading, the Seven of Wands Tarot card represents that you will have to fight to safeguard what you have. When this card shows, you will notice that there is a difficult situation in your hand that can take up your position or success. There are always young people who are climbing the ladder of success behind you and you cannot let them overtake you if you want to maintain your career position or status.  You have the flair, power, and aspiration to do so. You will be feeling confident and significant when this card appears in your Tarot spread. It can also indicate that your beliefs can be tested. You can be challenged or made to do something that goes against your judgment or principles. This Minor Arcana Card represents you taking a stand for what you believe in. It can also represent that you may have to protect your image as others can try to bring you down.  

In financial Tarot spread, the Seven of Wands indicates that success in long-term investments. It represents that you are preserving the financial security or wealth you have gained. This can be in several forms like investing smartly, saving for times of trouble, or collecting assets. Whatever the case, you are ensuring your financial security for any kind of situation.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

In a health Tarot spread, the Seven of Wands can indicate that you have to fight to overcome an injury or illness. It can also represent that you will have to work hard to keep some diseases under control. It can be extremely challenging but you will be determined to do it.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

In a spiritual Tarot reading, the Seven of Wands tarot card indicates that you have to take a stand for your spiritual beliefs. If someone challenges your beliefs, question your principles, try to harass or contempt you or your beliefs, you do not have to give up. You know your beliefs are right so do not let anyone make you feel wrong about it.  

General Interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Seven of Wands 

In general, reversed Seven of Wands represents that all the challenges and responsibilities you are facing can make you feel overwhelmed. This can create difficulties to see the whole picture. You can also have a feeling of competition and comparing yourself with other people, making you feel insufficient and vulnerable. This card can also represent that you and your feelings are constantly judged and criticized by others. Your family and friends can question your choices or decisions, making you feel overwhelmed. The common thing connected with the Seven of Wands is avoiding conflicts and stepping back. It can lead to dissatisfaction because you are running away from challenges that will help you to achieve your goals. Remember, challenges are a part of life and you are supposed to learn from them instead of getting scared. This card can also represent that you become too aggressive when you protect yourself and that is destroying your relationships.  

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the appearance of Seven of Wands reversed is not a good omen as it represents you giving up, quitting, or running away from the challenges showing up. If you want your relationship to last, fight for it. This Minor Arcana Card in reversed position indicates that you are not able to protect your partner or relationship from third parties like friends or family. If you have feelings of love for your partner then take a stand for them. Do not let other people get between your relationship. On the contrary, if you and your partner have been quarreling then this card represents a compromise. If you are single, reversed Seven of Wands indicates that you cannot gather the courage to talk to the person you like. You are letting other people overshadow you. If you like someone, just tell them straight! On the contrary, this card can indicate that you are overbearing. If you want them to talk to you, do not be too pushy and give them breathing room.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a Career Tarot reading, reversed Seven of Wands can represent that you are not protecting what you worked hard for. If this card shows in your tarot spread, it indicates that while you were distracted, someone else took your place. You may be lacking the strength to get involved in an endless competition to preserve your position or success. You may have lost your ambition. This card can also represent that you have lost confidence or feel powerless. It can indicate that you are ready to go against your principles for the sake of impressing someone. You will notice that you are disregarding your own beliefs. This card can also indicate that your image can get dirty as others are trying to pull you down to get up in their careers. 

In a financial Tarot reading, reversed Seven of Wands represents that you are failing to preserve the financial security or wealth you have achieved. This can be in the form of wasting money on insubstantial purchases or not making any financial plans like savings or smart investments for your future.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a Health Tarot spread, reversed Seven of Wands is a bad omen as it can indicate someone losing the will or strength to fight against an injury or illness. This card also indicates an illness getting out of control. Consult your doctor regarding more possible treatments as the current one may not be showing results.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a spiritual Tarot reading, reversed Seven of Wands indicates that you can disregard your beliefs if they get challenged. It is not a wrong thing to learn about new religions or paths and espouse them if they give you desired results but be careful to not follow the crowd because you want to fit in. This can also indicate that a respected religious leader or someone you look up to can get involved in a scandal.   



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