General Interpretation and Meaning of the Six of Cups - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 07 2021

The six of cups represent innocence and nostalgia. In the card, two children can be seen facing each other. One child is passing a cup full of white flowers to the other child. The other child looks up with innocence and respect as he receives the flowers. The passing of flowers depicts the passing of happy reunions and traditions. The young children represent fond memories of childhood.  

In the background, an old man can be seen walking away in the distance, as if he wants to say that you don’t have to worry about adult issues anymore, just enjoy the happiness of being innocent, free, and young again. The children are also seen standing in the courtyard of a big house that depicts security, safety, and comfort. There are four more cups filled with white flowers in front of the children and a fifth cup sits on the stone carving behind them. The Six of Cups represents letting your past experiences guide you through new paths correctly. When this card appears in your tarot reading it can indicate that you are compassionate and want to help other people. It can also indicate that something from your past may be seen in your present or future. The overall impact of this card is positive.  

General interpretation and meaning of Upright Six of Cups 

When the six of cups appear in your Tarot reading it means that you may be recollecting past events or thinking about someone related to your past. The six of cups also represent youthfulness and children so it can indicate having children or working with or taking care of them. It symbolizes simplicity, playfulness, and sharing. It can also depict protection and family. If you are facing tough times then this card indicates that you need to take support available from your loved ones. When this card appears in your tarot reading it can also represent that you are being immature and childish. It also indicates homesickness for those who live away from their families. In some cases, this card indicates childhood trauma or abuse. 

The Six of Cups upright indicates that you are going down your memory lane by revisiting your childhood friends or home. You may go to a school reunion or meet your childhood crush or lover. All these connections make you kind of emotional because you reminisce about all the fun you used to have together without any tension. 

Love and relationships (Upright) 

If you are in a relationship then the six of cups in your love tarot reading can simply mean that you and your partner are childhood lovers. If surrounding cards are positive then it indicates having children. However, it can also represent problems in a relationship arising because of immaturity and blaming the other for your mistakes. It can indicate that you cannot focus on your present relationship because you haven’t moved on from your past love or a previous partner becomes the reason for arguments between you two. If you are single then the six of cups can indicate that you and your childhood friend are getting close to each other romantically or getting in a relationship with your past lover or finding your dream partner in the area where you grew up. 

Money and Career (Upright) 

If six of cups appear upright in your career tarot reading then consider it a good omen. It symbolizes goodwill and creativity. It indicates that it is a good time to get involved in team projects or creative ones. Take this card as a good sign and start taking advantage of the opportunities that come in your way and encourage everyone around you. It can also represent working with children or the younger generation. 

In the area of money, the six of cups represent receiving or giving gifts or charity money. It can also indicate receiving an inheritance. This card can also appear when you are deciding to or in the process of making a will.  

Health (Upright) 

The six of cups in a health Tarot reading indicates you to take care of someone with ill health or to be charitable, they may need support from you more than you realize. It also indicates that your hectic lifestyle is causing you illness or stress, you need to slow down and take a moment to rest. If you are thinking of having a baby then consider six of cups as a good omen. The situation doesn’t matter because the outcome will be positive. 

Spirituality (Upright) 

In a spiritual context, six of cups indicate that you need to keep your spiritual exercises simple. If you are not able to achieve spiritual awareness then you need to start over from the basics. It also represents that you are maybe rediscovering your childhood traditions and rituals and applying them in your spiritual practice. 

General interpretation and meaning of reversed six of cups 

If the six of cups appears reversed in your tarot reading then it can either mean you are stuck to your past or you are losing track of your present. Your mind is stuck to how things used to be and you are missing the opportunities in present. It is good to revisit your past memories but you don’t have to stay there. Let your memories rest and appreciate the things you have today before they get lost. The reversed Six of Cups can also indicate that you are letting go of the past and ready to move on. It represents maturity, growing up, and leaving your home.  This card reversed can also indicate childhood abuse and your overcoming from that. If you are seeing a therapist or going through a counseling session then it indicates that you are making so much progress and seeing good results.  

The Six of Cups can also represent that the child inside is lost somewhere and your life seems boring without that. Your life has become stale and repetitive. You have been so busy with the responsibilities of adulthood that you are missing yourself out on the gifts and opportunities that the universe is trying to provide you. Find that child and be free again. If you do not have time then make some because you need to enjoy life before it ends.  

Love and relationships (Reversed) 

If you are in a relationship then the six of cups reversed indicates that the spark in your relationship has gone and there is only boredom left. The relationship may be giving you a sense of security but it makes you feel suffocated. If you are single then six of cups indicates you have put your previous relationships in the past and are ready for someone better. On the other side, it can also indicate that you have not moved on from your past relationships or comparing your present love interests to your ex. You need to get over from your ex because that relationship must have been ended for a valid reason. Holding on to past memories only makes you miserable. Free yourself and see the bright future ahead. It can also indicate that you couldn’t open up to your partner, if you are in a relationship, because of the abuse you faced in childhood or it may be preventing you from getting the love and affection you deserve.  

Money and career (Reversed) 

In a career tarot reading reversed six of cups indicates that you are bored in your current career path or it is restricting your creativity. You may decide to leave your job and go where your potential is fully utilized. It can also indicate that you are working with children who have faced trauma or are disadvantaged. This job can drain your emotional energy so take care of yourself too.  

In terms of money, six of cups represent that you have started to manage your finances more maturely and precisely. For those living with their parents, this card indicates that you are ready to move out and become financially independent. If you already live away from your home then this card indicates you may be feeling homesickness.  

Health (Reversed) 

In terms of health, the Six of Cups reversed indicates that if you are facing any health-related problems or issues then it can either be genetic or a physical manifestation of a trauma you faced in childhood. You may have to consult a therapist in order to overcome that trauma. If you are planning to having a baby then the Six of Cups reversed is a bad omen because it represents fertility problems or issues with conceiving.  

Spirituality (Reversed) 

In terms of spirituality, the Six of Cups reversed indicates that it is time for you to stop sticking to the rigid old beliefs or traditions you used to follow in childhood and start trying new things or discovering new beliefs. Hold on to what works for you and don’t be afraid to try out new things that comfort you.