General Interpretation and Meaning of the Six of Wands - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 08 2021

If you are crowded by people who are happy in your happiness then probably you resonate with the card of Six of wands. This card is described as a scene where one person is riding on a horse and others are celebrating the victory of this person. He is depicted with a crown on his head which signifies how important he must be within the crowd. He also seems to hold some significant position with a stick in his hand while he rides through the crowd. He must have been courageous enough to win some battle because he is cheered by the crowd on the occasion of his victory. The horse in this card is symbolism used for courage and victory. It also is a mark of a person’s social status as well as wealth. 


General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Six of Wands 

This card represents that you have been focused all along the way on how you have successfully overcome your fear. It not only suggests that you won an important battle but also you are on the right track to win another one. It shows how all your hard work has been rewarded. It shows you how with the right attitude you can achieve almost anything which was unachievable for you. This card suggests that you have been recognized for your work and this recognition is helping you to grow. When this card has been chosen for you, make sure that you leave all your fear behind and shine bright. You should completely own who you are, as that will give you more success.  

There are still some paths that have to be covered; you have not reached your destination just yet. People are surely supporting you in all of your endeavors.   

Love and Relationship (Upright) 

If you are in love with someone then this card brings good news for you. It indicates that you are happy to shares the fruits of your success with your partner. This card is a confirmation sign that you and your partner will be achieving your goals together. It shows that both of you are pillars of strength for each other. If you are not in a relationship, do not worry. This card indicates the entry of someone special in your life who will celebrate you. The partner will also have similar qualities of success like yours and will treat you with royalty.  

Money and Career Interpretation (Upright) 

If you are working and yearning to be on a higher level, then this card is bringing some good news for you. This card is a sign that you will soon receive a higher position at your job or you will soon achieve a financial goal.  

If you are an owner of a startup then you will surely achieve your goals. This also indicates that you have done a lot of hard work to get to this current position. You have to make sure that you don’t get carried away by all the success that you have achieved so far. This card represents the peak of your success only for you to look down and see how far you have come in this journey. 

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

This card is a representation of how you have battled with a long-term ailment. It shows how the medicines have healed you over time. It shows that you have totally recovered from a very long-term ailment and you are now ready to be free from it. If you are in areas that require more physical activities, this card is a sign that you are ready to get back on track.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

If you are a spiritual guru, make sure to have a watch on this card. This card justifies your title as it shows how people are looking forward to taking your advice on any subject. You should be a great leader if you receive this card in your reading. You have to make sure that you constantly help people and prove that you are in charge. Do not get carried away by the limelight, instead, you should take some time off to focus on yourself and recharge in solitude.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Six of Wands 

This card when it’s reversed tells you a very different story about yourself. This shows that you may have a lack of confidence while sharing your success story. You may have achieved something but maybe this is not the right time for you to blurt it out in front of everyone.  

It also indicates that you are very concerned by society’s cultural norm which marks a certain level of success. It speaks volumes of how low you may feel for yourself. You need to have your dictionary of what success means to you. This will give you are a clear picture of what you have achieved and what you think about yourself. It must be time for you to shut people’s opinions and focus on what your heart speaks to you.  

When you make rules for yourself, they become yours and hence you stop caring about what other people have to talk about you. You will eventually stop paying heed to what others have to say about you.  

If this card shows up then maybe you are receiving unexpected feedback about your work which is not good enough for you. It shows that you are undervalued at your workplace. It also indicates change, maybe you should not be around people who don’t belittle you.  

This card also indicates that you are filled with a lot of attitude and self-praise. The delusion of ‘I am better than everyone else’ has taken you to a dreamland that is far away from reality.  

You are very drunk in power to pay attention to your surroundings; you should come to terms with your reality and differentiate between what is real and what is fake. This is the worst ride to self-destruction as someone else will make you taste a bitter outcome and maybe then you will learn a lesson. This is the reason that you should always be victorious over your egoistic attitude. The day you keep your attitude in check will be the day when you will be on the right track. You will welcome your success with open arms.  

Love and Relationship (Reversed) 

Trust in your relationship has been broken and it’s very hard to fill the gaps. This card indicates a lack of stability in your relationship. You may be not happy in your relationship because something has been broken. It is a sign that both of you don’t share a similar attitude and a similar path when it comes to personal ups and downs. There is a lack of transparency in the relationship.  

If you are not dating anyone, then probably it shows that you are not being treated in the right manner or even you are very high in the sky that people are not ready to tolerate you.  

Money and Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

This card indicates your failure in achieving your financial goals. If you have a business of your own then you are not making any profit. It indicates that the fruit of your hard work is not sufficient for you. There may be some fault in you that you are unable to reach your goals. You have to be your authentic self in order to achieve your goals. If you don’t listen to yourself you will be overruled by others. This card tells you that you have to incur a lot of loss in your business. The money that you may have invested is wasted. This is a signal for you to take care of your finances and make decisions wisely which will save you from loss.   

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

This card is telling you that your health is deteriorating day by day and an ailment will come to your body. It also tells you how you have gotten back to the starting point where you have to again start your fitness journey to be fit again. If your career demands physical fitness then you have failed yourself with the results. It shows how you are back into the same pitfall from which you had previously recovered from.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

Chances are that you are trying to push yourself into some box where you are guided by someone else. The spiritual journey is completely personal to thyself and hence you should listen to your intuition. There is a huge possibility that your inner voice is completely shut and so you are trying to please everyone around you. The people around you may be completely different from who you are and they may not resonate with your frequency. This is one of the main reasons that the card has shown up in a reversed manner, so you can finally go on the right track.