General Interpretation and Meaning of the Temperance - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 26 2021


The powerful Temperance card gives represents both masculines as well as feminine energy. The card represents a large winged Angel who is wearing a light blue robe with a triangle that has been enclosed within a square at the front. This unique symbol is the representation of humans that is the triangle are enclosed within the realms of Earth and Natural forces that forms the square. One foot of the Angel is on the rock that represents the need to remain grounded under all circumstances while the other foot is placed gently in the water that shows the need to go with the flow. The Angel is also seen pouring water in between two cups which symbolizes the flow and the enchantment of life.

The background showcases a series of patches of mountains with a distinct giving emphasis on the difficult paths one needs to take to be successful in life. The mountains are showered by the bliss of the golden light from the sun. The glory of the sunlight making the environment shinier indicates that by pursuing the higher path you remain dedicated to your personal beliefs and show your dedication towards life.


General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Temperance

If the upright position of the Temperance comes in your general reading, it indicates balance, peace, harmony, patience, and equilibrium. This Minor Arcana card represents that you have gained your strength and inner calmness. Now you can look at things with a clearer perspective. The card symbolizes that you are at a stage of life where your relationships with others are at a harmonious stage. You have grown a lot over the last few years and learned that you need to give space and not drag yourself into matters concerning others. You have learned to let go of minor issues and have adapted a clearer perspective that helps you in maintaining a balance between the heart and the mind.  The card signifies that you have found peace and the feeling of being content indicates that you are finally in harmony with the person you are. With your morals and values, you understand yourself better and have set your aspirations accordingly.

Love & Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a relationship and you get the Temperance card in your relationship reading, you can bless your stars as nothing could have been better than this card. The Temperance card signifies the harmonious relationship between you and your partner. There is a perfect balance and equilibrium between the two of you and the relationship is filled with peace, harmony, understanding, respect, and commitment.  If there have been problems the card signifies both will be able to resolve those issues.

In case if you are single the card denotes there is a perfect balance in the different aspects of your life. You have a perfect space in your life for the new partner and the relationship is going to be very pleasant.


Money & Career Interpretation (Upright)

In the career interpretation, the Temperance card is a good indication and suggests that it is the perfect time to set your goals. You have the patience and with your persistent dedication, you are now able to give your complete best. With the upright position of Temperance, card luck is in your favor and your hard work is going to be noticed by others. If you have been patiently waiting for a promotion, the card symbolizes that your wish is going to be granted as your skills are now finally being recognized by others. However, the card also gives a warning that not to jump right into the opportunity that you have at hand as something more exciting and bigger is coming in your way.

In the financial context, the Temperance card suggests that things are going in your favor and you have a balanced financial condition. It is also suggestive of the fact that you need to be a little careful while dealing with money and try to build up your savings at a steady pace.

Health Interpretation (Upright)

In the health context, the upright position of Temperance indicates that maintaining a perfect balance is the key to leading a healthy life. To have everything under control you need to maintain a healthy balanced diet that will help you enjoy a great time. If you have been facing some problems regarding your health it is an indication that you might have been overworking on that problem or might haven’t given proper attention to it. Maintaining a balance is the key to the problems that you are facing.


Spiritual Interpretation (Upright)

The Temperance card in the spiritual interpretation indicates that you are going to listen to your intuition and indicates that you are going to be guided by the spirits around you.  The card also signifies that there is a perfect balance between your mind, body, and heart. To seek the right path, you need to have patience and everything is going to be in your favor.

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Temperance

If the Temperance card in inverted position comes in your general interpretation it is a sign of warning. You are being either too indulgent or else you are finding it difficult to maintain balance in life. There is disequilibrium contributing to your reckless and hasty behavior. You might have indulged yourself too much in bad habits which are causing harm to your body. Habits such as overeating, excessive drinking, gambling, use of drugs are destroying your life. Alternatively, the Temperance card is also an indication that you are losing the connection with your inner peace and calm. As a result of which you are trying to seek gratification and harmony through harmful ways. The card is also a warning that you need to have control over your emotions as you are slowly losing patience and calmness. Your relationship with others in life is slowly fading as you find yourself clashing with their viewpoint all the time.

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed)

If the reversed Temperance card comes in your love reading it indicates conflicts and disharmony in your relationship. The reversed position of the card is an indication that you will be incomplete and might hold the opinion that you might be giving more love, respect, and time to the other and it isn’t getting reciprocated. You might think that you care more about the other and there is a lack of harmony, love, peace, respect between the two of you. There might be heated arguments taking place between you and your partner which sometimes turns into insults and embarrassment. The lack of mutual understanding is provoking both of you not to see the perspective of the other. You might be feeling antagonistic about your partner and therefore you are letting your pride take an upper hand rather than trying to resolve the problem. The only solution to resolve matters is to calm down and communicate with each other. You have to find your inner peace and calmness to open up to your partner.


If you are single and the card comes in your love reading suggests that you need to be careful. You are letting others use you by giving too much of yourself too soon. It means that you are being too desperate and too eager which is compelling you to take the wrong path. In matters of love, you need to have patience and understand the perspective of the other person as well.

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed)

In the career context, the reversed Temperance card signifies imbalance and conflicts in your work. There might be unnecessary arguments you are indulging yourself into at the office. There might be a clashing of opinions between you and your co-workers. Either you are working way too hard or you might not be working at all. You are taking the constructive criticisms negatively and instead of reshaping your perspective, you are denying taking any initiative to make the circumstances right.

In financial reading, the reversed Temperance indicates their disbalance in your financial circumstances. You might be spending too much and have not been able to give proper attention to building your savings. Your impulsive decisions and overindulgence are a creative huge mess in your life.

Health Interpretation (Reversed)

The Temperance in a reversed position indicates that certain areas of life are completely imbalanced. To lead a healthy life, you need to maintain a strict regime and understand what is essential for your health. You might have indulged yourself in harmful activities and it is time that you need to put this at rest. You cannot seek comfort by indulging yourself in activities that can harm you.

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed)

The Temperance in reversed position indicates that you are spiritually imbalanced. You feel like you have lost the connection with your inner self. You need to first calm yourself and try to establish the balance between your body, mind, and soul.