General Interpretation and Meaning of the Ten of Wands - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 08 2021

The Ten of Wands depicts a male carrying a big load of clubs towards a tiny village just a small distance off. His posture is curved and he seems to be weighed down by the big load he is carrying, but he knows he is nearly there and will eventually be able to let go of the heavyweight he is lugging. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Ten of Wands 

The Ten of Wands represents more weight, effort, or responsibility. Regardless of the fact that it is weighing you down and making your life more difficult, you are willing to put in the work now to accomplish your goal and reap the rewards afterward. You might put in additional hours at work to save enough for a family trip. You might even help a friend move, knowing that they would aid you later in the year. Your loved one's illness may add to your domestic responsibilities, but you know they value it. 

The Ten of Wands may appear when you inadvertently take on additional duties, leaving you exhausted, weary, and burnt out. You may try to finish it all at once, despite the fact that it adds to your daily stress. The Ten of Wands calls your current way of life or work into question. Determine if tasks or activities are urgent or essential to the achievement of your overall goals. To determine where to concentrate your efforts and which to disregard, you may need to use time management or prioritization methods. Your goal should be to improve efficiency while also making time for leisure. 

The good news is that the Ten of Wands denotes the end of a cycle. You've been pushing yourself to the limit and working tirelessly. You are now on the brink of accomplishing your objectives. Sure, you'll be tired when you get there, but you know it'll all be worth it! 

The Ten of Wands also indicates that attaining your goal comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks. You are keenly aware that you must continue to meet your responsibilities in order to retain your success after the conclusion. Worst case situation, you're struggling to let go of these commitments. It's analogous to a successful business owner who is unable to delegate some duties to staff and therefore works 70-80 hours per week. Everything becomes a hassle when the original goal or vision goes away. So, if you want to enjoy life, let go of or outsource some of your responsibilities. 

Love and Relationship Interpretation (Upright) 

If you are dating someone, the Ten of Wands in a Love Tarot spread suggests that you are overwhelmed or swamped by the connection. You might think that your companion takes you lightly as if you are bearing the collective load of the relationships on your shoulder while your companion doesn’t share the burden, and as if you are burdened with all of the partnership's stress and responsibilities. 

The upright love interpretation suggests that the relationship's pleasure and serendipity have been replaced with responsibility and obligation, making each passing day a hardship. If you are single, the Ten of Wands suggests that the excitement has worn off in your relationship. You may be overworked and overloaded to the extent that you don't have time to date or meet new people, and enthusiasm has given way to monotony. If you want to have love in your life, you have to invest enough time into it! 

Money and Career Interpretation (Upright)​ 

Ten of Wands symbolizes stress, responsibilities, and overburden in a professional Tarot layout. If this card appears, you might have served yourself with more than you can wind up. You may have taken on additional projects or duties thinking they would help your profession. However, you eventually find out that you have overworked yourself. Losing your passion has made your work performance suffer. It drains, irritates, and exhausts you. If you are the boss, you consider outsourcing or hiring additional employees to help ease the burden. The upright Ten of Wands for money and career interpretation symbolize financial difficulties and duties.  

This card may indicate that you are struggling to maintain your home or your lifestyle on your income, or that you have taken on too many loans and now you are unable to pay them back. Fortunately, now you know that you need to think and figure out a way to get rid of it. Taking help from a financial consultant and renegotiating your debts may help! 

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Ten of Wands as per Tarot reading pertaining to health suggests that strain or obligations are affecting your wellness and may appear physically as sickness or injury.  Your first priority must be to look after yourself. You just can't care for anybody else if your health declines, therefore prioritize yourself. Further, it may symbolize your body's refusal to surrendering to the disease. 

Spirituality Interpretation (Upright) 

So far as Spiritual sense is concerned, the Ten of Wands indicates that you have been disoriented or have lost your concentration. You may believe that you’ve strayed from your path of spirituality, or that the pressures and responsibilities of your existence have led you astray. Understand that your route is always present and that you will be led back to that though. If you think you have wandered from your path, just alter your course; the cosmos will lead you back. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Five of Wands 

The Ten of Wands reversed typically indicates that you are attempting to accomplish too much on your own. You've struggled under the weight of trying to please everyone. You may delegate and share the job. And be strong in saying no to things you can't do. You must prioritize your own well-being or you will burn out and be useless to others.  

Furthermore, the Ten of Wands reversed indicates you are carrying a great load but are reluctant to share it with others. You may be coping with traumatic experiences, a dark secret, or new obligations. But you're not comfortable speaking about it or asking for assistance. In essence, you are excluding potential helpers. That others are ready and eager to assist you may also be a great relief to you. 

The reversed Ten of Wands indicates you are carrying a load you don't need to. If your current circumstances are weighing you down, consider methods to lessen the burden. Can you assign specific tasks? Worrying about things that don't matter or can't be changed? Take on just what you can reasonably manage. However, the Ten of Wands reversed tells you that this difficult period will pass and you will be able to let go of this burden. 

You may also be deliberately finding activities that offer no value to your life and remove yourself from them. Purge old clothing and sell old furnishings to organize and make your life easier. You will get greater organization and prioritizing, as well as a sense of relief. 

Love and Relationship Interpretation (Reversed) 

​With the reversed Ten of Wands, you are unloading a few of your worries and obligations, allowing more space for improvisation and pleasure. Your companion may be sharing more responsibilities and obligations, bringing you closer. It may also mean you're both avoiding your duties. It may also mean you're so overwhelmed with responsibilities and pressures that your relationship is crumbling.  

This reversed card may mean you're flogging a lifeless horse in your love life, working hard but not moving any further. Reversing the Ten of Wands indicates you are unloading your responsibilities and tension, allowing more time for relationships or making new friends, as well as greater unpredictability and adventure. 

Money and Career Interpretation (Reversed)​ 

It means reducing tasks and obligations or succumbing to heavy loads. Maybe you delegated duties to colleagues. Maybe you've found a better way. In any event, this move has benefited your professional life. Reversed Ten of Wands means you've taken on too much. Instead of admitting and correcting this, you delve deeper into your heels and risk collapse. You must acknowledge the issue and do everything to reduce your load. In a Money and Career Tarot reading, the reversed Ten of Wands may emphasize that you have too few or too many financial obligations.  

It may indicate you've recovered financial control. You may have canceled payments on a credit basis or lowered your monthly debts. In any case, this will help you relax and regain your balance. If this card is reversed, your financial situation is out of control and you're crumbling. You may consider taking professional financial advice to solve the issue. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed)​ 

The Ten of Wands reversed suggests that you are reducing stresses or responsibilities that are hurting your health, which should alleviate the effects. Simultaneously, it may be a sign that you may have disregarded too many warning signals and are moving forwards into severe sickness or breakdown. You must prioritize yourself! It may also symbolize your body becoming sick. 

Spirituality Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Ten of Wands advises you to take care of yourself spiritually. You may believe you are assisting people around you by providing them with everything you have, but you are really harming yourself. You must make yourself a priority as one can’t pour from an empty glass.