General Interpretation and Meaning of the Three of Cups - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 07 2021

The Tarot card of Three of Cups represents three symbolic young women who are rejoicing themselves by dancing with each other in a circular manner. The taste of joy and celebration in the air is celebrated by toasting their cups high. They are looking at each other with appreciation, joy and honour. The emotional strengthening of the bond signifies the respect they hold for each other. There is a sense of emotional connection amongst the three women as a result of which these three women support each other uniquely by lifting each other up. The ground has been turned into a bed of flowers, fruit and a pumpkin which indicates abundance in harvest.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of Upright Three of Cups

In Minor Arcana the Tarot card of Three of Cups signifies celebration and reunion. In different dynamics the three of Cups hold different importance and meaning. In general cases it implies someone important from the past has returned back in your life. In certain contexts it might also indicate occasions which call for celebration such as parties, promotion, birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby showers, etc. 

If the three of Cups comes in your general reading it implies that things are turning out to be positive and you can be hopeful about the future. If you have been manifesting something, it is an indication that your wish has been granted and will soon come to a fulfillment. It indicates situations which involve a group of people congregating together to celebrate. A very positive card that ensures a happy and optimistic future ahead.  

Love & Relationships (Upright)  

If you are single and have been eagerly waiting for the right match, the three of Cups can signify that your partner from the past can return or can reconcile with you leading to a romantic relationship between the two of you. It can also signify that soon you are going to come across abundant worthy suitors looking for you after a period of isolation. 

If you are in a relationship, the three of Cups may indicate that your partner will soon take the next step which might call for engagement, wedding or baby shower. The appearance of this card indicates a healthy stable relationship is awaiting for you where you are going to rejoice yourself.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright)  

When the three of cups comes in your career reading, this represents soon you will be celebrating a huge success in your career. It can indicate your graduation, the startup which you have been aiming to do, boost in business, huge promotion, etc. It can also refer to a healthy working space in your office. Your colleagues and office heads might be very satisfied with your analytical sense with a pragmatic approach. The three of cups in financial interpretation symbolises abundance of money coming in your way and you might be in a position where you end up spending a large sum of money.  

Health Interpretation (Upright)  

The Tarot card three of cups in health context can implement huge celebrations coming up in your way which can involve you indulging in too much partying. You need to be conscious about the kind of choices you make as overindulgence can cause harm to your health.  

Spirituality Interpretation (Upright)  

The three of cups in spirituality can indicate you are working in a social organisation or with a team of members which involves interacting and communicating with each other where you discuss about the spiritual path that can be taken. This will help you boost your confidence and also you are going to learn to connect with spirits and your guardian angel.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Reversed Three of Cups 

In general interpretation the reversed three of cups indicates a situation of obstacles. It is a warning that you will soon face a period of disappointment and a period of ulties which can result in the cancellation of the celebration. The three of cups in general meaning can imply you have disassociated yourself from others and your social life is almost non-existent. It implies a period of self isolation owing to difficult circumstances where you might have been backstabbed by others or might have been seriously wronged by someone.  

Alternatively, the three of cups can also symbolise that people surrounding you might be disappointed with your actions. In times of desperate needs when you require their support, they are not empathetic towards you. They might engage themselves in small gossip about you. This can sabotage your feelings as you feel lost and helpless. The reversed three of cups can also indicate a situation where you might have thought a peaceful and rejoicing celebration of laughter and joy has turned into an intoxicated circumstance of mental abuse.  

Love & Relationships (Reversed)  

If you are single the reversed three of cups is a warning which needs to be taken seriously. You shouldn't be carried away by the feelings you hold for someone. It indicates that the relationship you have been hoping for with someone will be a short term. It might initially start with a sense of great joy but it will soon wear out with misunderstandings and lack of communication. It can also imply that someone from your past whom you have been manifesting will make you realise that their presence is going to be toxic for your life.  

In case if you are in a relationship the reversed three of cups indicates the cancellation of the joyous celebrations who might have been planning. It can indicate the presence of someone who is trying to harm your relationship. The reversed three of cups can represent cancellation of weddings, engagement ceremonies, baby showers, parties, etc. A third party can cause significant damage to your relationship by spreading rumours or gossip. The reversed Tarot card can also imply that someone is eyeing your partner and trying to seduce them by alluring them. If you and your partner has been trying for a baby it can indicate miscarriage or termination.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed)  

In the career aspect the reversed three of cups tarot cards symbolise that your associates in the workplace may be secretly teaming themselves up against you. They might be envious of your success and try to harm it by bringing shame on you. It can also implement your actions that might have disappointed them, creating a hostile situation at the workplace. The reverse card is a warning that the speculations about you in the workplace can disrupt your inner peace. It is the time where you need to focus on yourself and show your professionalism handling the situation intricately. The reversed three of cups can also signify cancellation of an important event launch. The three cups in reversed may indicate that you will not be able to get the promotion which you have been aiming for months.  

Financially the reversed three of cups is an indication that you will soon face financial constraints. The financial limitation may be caused owing to the cancellation of a particularly significant event. It can also symbolize your overindulgence and prodigal nature which might make you repent.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed)  

When the reversed three of cups comes in your health reading is a major indication that you need to refocus on your health. It is an important indicator that you have been overindulging yourself in the pleasures of life which can deteriorate your health significantly. It can also indicate that you might be suffering from a terminal disease that has brought about pains and sufferings for your physical health. The three of cups in reverse can also symbolize the miscarriage which resulted in the cancellation of your baby shower has seriously affected your mental health. It is advisable to seek counseling in such scenarios.  

Spirituality Interpretation (Reversed)  

In spiritual interpretation, the reverse three of cups is an indication that the team of members you have engaged with to walk down your spiritual journey doesn't hold a noble intention towards you. In such scenarios, you have to trust your institution and let it guide you. In case if you are feeling unsafe or feel your personal boundaries have been crossed it is high time you need to take action. It can also mean that someone might be envious of your gifted powers. It is a warning not to indulge into any kind of activities which might not seem ethical to you.