General Interpretation and Meaning of The Tower - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 25 2021

The General interpretation of The Tower is that it signifies trauma and destruction. The Tarot card has a Tower on the peak of a rocky mountain and a bolt of lightning strikes the building, wherein two individuals can be seen jumping from the windows- arms wide open and head first. The whole situation and scene signify chaos and the destruction that is set out. We can see that the Tower is a stable and solid structure but because of the fact that it was built on weak foundations, it requires only a bolt of lightning to bring the whole structure down. This indicates that the goals, no matter how ambitious will always fall through if made on weak and false promises.  

The lightning that strikes the Tower indicates the burst of energy that paves the way for a revelation and this lightning strikes through the top of the Tower and knocks off the crown which signifies that the energy flows down from the Universe itself and through the crown chakra.   

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Tower Card 

The majority of the people assume that The Death card from the Tarot deck is the card you should be terrified of but in all honesty, it is The Tower Tarot card that people should be scared of. This Tarot card signifies chaos and destruction and represents the unexpected change. This very change is considered to be unavoidable and threatening, and the individual has no idea how to survive this change, and how will they get through it. While this is the card that you would not even wish on your most hated enemy, this card will also make you the person you are today. Another way of looking at this card is that it only destroys matters that were built on weak foundations and false beliefs. The card often represents tragedy, trauma, death, abuse, drug overdose, loss of job, and bankruptcy. But it is also believed that this Tarot card does not always signify the worse, it could also mean new changes that would indicate a massive upheaval in the life of the individual.  

Love & Relationships (Upright)  

During the love Tarot card reading, if the individual drew the upright major Tower Tarot card, it simply indicates separation and divorce. It could also signify that the relationship that the individual shares with their partner will be going through a rough patch and there will be traumatic events that will be straining the relationship to its limits. It is believed that if the individual would like to survive this phase of their relationship, especially the Tower card, they must communicate with their partner and hide nothing. This will help in strengthening the relationship and will prevent misunderstandings from arising. If the individual is single, then they will finally understand the reason behind why they are single and how their ego and arrogance could be the reason why all their relationships are a complete disaster.   

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright)  

During the money Tarot card reading, if the individual chose the Tower card, it signifies that there is no job security in that individual’s life. It also signifies a major change in their position which would be bringing them a lot of stress and may warn them to be extremely careful with their finances, and at all costs much avoid risky investments that promise fast money. The card is also said to indicate bankruptcy and the finances of the individual swindling to nothing. It is also a form of warning that if the individual has not kept a safety nest egg aside, they should start doing it as soon as they can just in case of any form of financial disaster.  

Health Interpretation (Upright)  

During the health Tarot card reading, if the individual drew the upright Tower card, it indicates that the individual would experience a sudden onset of illness or even an accident which is why it is advised that they travel with utmost care and look after themselves. The card also indicates problems with the mental health of the individual, especially the emotional turmoil they are going through. While the problems the individual would be facing will not be easy and would be extremely trying, they need to try their best to make sure that embark on their path with positivity and make sure that they do not despair under diversity. It is also advised that if the individual engages in any form of substances abuse, it would be wise if they refrain as there are chances that they might overdose.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright)  

The major Arcana Tower Tarot card signifies the destruction of the old morals possessed by the individual. It could signify the loss of faith or even a revelation or incident that forced them to open their eyes to the whole system. It is also advised that while this card will bring you grief and sadness, it also brings change and will help you in getting back on the path of spirituality.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Tower card 

The general meaning of the reversed Tower Tarot card simply means that the individual has managed to avert a major disaster or crisis in their life. They need to learn from their past and their experience in order to make sure that they do repeat the same mistake again. This card could also indicate that the individual would be delaying the inevitable. If the individual is indeed running away from something, this major Arcana Tarot card indicates that it is time that the individual turns towards what they have been running from and finally faces it. The individual will eventually have to or keep running for their whole life. This card also advises the individual to not try and build something new in place of what is gone and destroyed for a good reason. They should rather be concentrating their energies on something new and let go of people who should no longer be in their lives. Holding onto people who have no significance in their life is only carrying dead weight around. It is time the individual lets go of such people.  

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed)  

During the love Tarot card reading, if the individual chose the Tower Tarot card in the reversed position, it simply means that the relationship the individual is in is over. Holding onto the relationship that is as good as over is just avoiding the end of the relationship and stringing it as much as it can be pulled. The individual needs to face the facts in front of them and move on. This card could also mean that they are being warned not to pursue a relationship that has ended and you need to move on. If the individual is single, the card signifies that they managed to avoid a completely toxic and disastrous relationship with someone who would have been violent and abusive towards them. It also means that the individual is trying their best to avoid facing a situation or an individual.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed)  

During the career and money Tarot card reading. If the individual drew the Tower Tarot card in the reversed position, it simply signifies that the individual is just holding onto their job, especially under difficult situations. They are also trying their best to avoid the loss of their job and they are extremely dissatisfied when it comes to their career. This Tarot card also means that the individual just managed to avert a financial disaster.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed)  

During the health Tarot card reading, if the individual drew the reversed Tower Tarot card, it represents the illness that the individual has been avoiding in hopes that it will fester and go away. They need to face and accept this illness to allow themselves to recover. This Tarot card could also signify that the illness that ailed the individual is not as serious as they thought it would be. Regardless of what the illness is, ignoring your health is not wise, especially if you think that you will be able to allow the illness to pass through.   

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed)  

During the spiritual Tarot card reading, if the individual chose the reversed Tower Tarot card, it simply signifies that they have come to the understanding that the morals they held so dear to are completely null and void, and that they are holding onto them for as long as they can. These individuals find themselves not knowing what to do, especially with the fact that their beliefs are false, and that they no longer can believe in them. They also fear the reaction they will receive from the people who hold these very same beliefs close to their heart and they are afraid that this backlash will affect their status in society. They need to face the truth because holding onto false beliefs is not helping them move forward and is stopping them from finding their path to spirituality.  



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