General Interpretation and Meaning of the Two of Swords - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

Two of Swords is the Tarot card which represents the blindfolded woman in the white robe which shows the confusions and dilemmas of the lady. The appearance of this card in your Tarot reading shows that one might be confused regarding their life decisions. The blindfolded woman on the card signifies the state where the woman is unable to make decisions related to the problems in her life. She is unable to identify the problems and so is the solution. Whereas the Swords which she is holding in both her hands show the perfect balance. The perfect balance in holding signifies that no matter how confused the woman is, she is trying hard to attain balance in her life. 

In the background, you would be able to see the free-flowing waters and the rocky islands which shows that the woman is full of emotions. Moreover, the suits of swords represent her intellect and mind. This signifies that on the appearance of this card one must be pretty much particular about that whatever decision. 

The General Interpretation of Two of Swords (Upright) 

This card represents the roadblock in one's life. It shows the situation that you are trying to avoid the situation of turmoil or trying to avoid dilemmas that are becoming melancholic for you. This card is signifying a situation that you are trying to avoid but it has become urgent to consider it. You are stuck somewhere mentally and physically. You have been trying to get things back on track but failing to do so. This Minor Arcana card represents a situation of fear coming at your face. This card is about being in a situation where you are struggling to find the right way for yourself. This may be a relationship, job option, or any other thing. This card truly justifies its first appearance. 

Love & Relationship (Upright) 

When it comes to relationships, this Tarot card of Two Swords represents arguments and opinion clashes. As it appears on the card, the woman is trying to maintain the balance between two swords where they are clashing each other way which marks the confusions and dilemmas which one could have about his / her relationship. If you are someone in a relationship the appearance of this card signifies being torn into a different relationship to find the best one out of it. Along with this, the condition is being harsh on you because of the emotional guilt it is putting on you. Having a break from each other for a few days may open new gateways for your relationship where you both will be able to realize the importance of each other in your lives. You might be in a condition where you are reluctant to make choices for yourself. This Minor Arcana card is bringing fear on your face in deciding what is best for you. 

If you are someone who is yet not in a relationship, there are chances that you might be in the dilemma of choosing the best for you. You might want a better person in your life and at present, you are stuck in a situation where you are unable to figure out the best person for yourself. It is suggested for you take time and analyze what can be better for you. 

Money & Career (Upright) 

When it comes to financial grounds, this card shows that if you are someone who is struggling with finances, you will have to accept these problems and start finding your solutions. It might involve selling your property or anything else. But avoiding the situation and not facing it, is worse. Keep your head high and accept your problems. You might even require the help of a person who can advise you financially on these things. 

On Career grounds, the appearance of this card shows a phase where you are stuck and trying hard to come out of it but every time you are trying, you are losing onto something or the other. Truly justifying its meaning, this card brings dilemmas and confusion. You are being torn into a situation where you are unable to figure out the best for you. There are chances that you are stuck in the process of choosing a career path that would be best for you. It is suggested for you to take only informed decisions as of now where you are all aware of every aspect and then concluding. Most of the time, decisions made in a dilemma might have more cons than pros. 

Health (Upright) 

Talking about this Minor Arcana card on health grounds, the appearance of these Two of Swords brings with it psychological blockages which can alter your mental and emotional health. This will ultimately impact your physical health too. Blocked emotions might result in something that can create challenges for your mental health. It is suggested for you to prioritize yourself over everything for now and ultimately better health will pave its way to you. 

Spirituality (Upright) 

On the grounds of Spirituality, the appearance of the Two of Swords suggests that you are still not on the right path. The path is still not known to you. Hence, it is suggested for you prioritize the balance of living as of now. Once you start tuning into your surroundings great things will happen to you themselves. Your happiness depends primarily on you rather than on anyone else. So, start prioritizing yourself over everything. 

The General Interpretation of Two Of Swords (Reversed) 

The Two of Sword in the reversed position shows that various emotions are getting accumulated which includes anxiety and mental turmoil. The appearance of this card shows the postponement and delays of things. This card is about confusion and delays in the first place. Whereas on the other it brings in one the inability to make decisions and reach any conclusion. This card ensures dilemmas but it also brings with itself the ability to understand what the problem is. 

Love & Relationship (Reversed) 

The appearance of this reversed card of Two of Swords shows if you are someone who is already into a relationship, you might be in a situation where you are stuck in emotional turmoil. You are surrounded by fear, anxiety, and several other emotions in a manner that you have started detaching yourself from them. Well, it is suggested that things like this shouldn't happen in a relationship. You can surely solve all your problems by having a sound conversation with your partner. There are better days making ways for you, all you have to do is to have faith in yourself & your surroundings too. 

Moreover, if you are single, it is suggested for you to not stress over things rather take your time and make your mind before getting committed with someone. Till then you can go on dates with the potential person and get to know each other. Don't force yourself into a relationship unless you haven't brought your heart and mind to equilibrium. 

Money & Career (Reversed) 

On the financial ground, the Two of Swords is the card that represents that you have been struggling on financial grounds for a long but the appearance of the reversed card ensures the end of dilemmas related to the steps to be taken for improving your financial conditions. You will be able to analyze things that are required to be taken for improvement.  

Moreover, if we talk about a career the appearance of this card, it brings clarity and is related to your furth steps that will help you to make your way to a bright future.  In the first instance, it might show up with some delays and postponements of deals but it will give you a clear picture of the problem and where the steps are required to be taken. It is also suggested for you to keep a hawk-eye focus on things and never turn down the opportunity where you can get benefit from. 

Health (Reversed) 

On health grounds, the appearance of Reversed Two of Swords suggests that you might be struggling with your health because of the emotional and psychological blockages you have been going through for the past few days. This card signifies dilemmas, confusions, and emotional turmoil for anyone. Practicing mindfulness is something that is suggested for you. You need to find a balance between your emotions and dilemmas. You have to be clear with things at first instance. 

Spirituality (Reversed) 

The appearance of Reversed Two of Swords suggests that you are pretty open to spiritual practices. For you, collecting information and knowledge about things is primarily very important but you might indulge in over collection of ideas. When you are on your journey towards spirituality, it is good to know but it is even better to bring things to practicality.