Your Angel Message For Today

A broken pot can be a beautiful piece of art.

A broken pot can be a beautiful piece of art.

Today’s angel focuses on helping those who are feeling damaged and worthless due to various circumstances in life. Whenever you feel damaged, your angel reminds you that you are a beautiful piece of art, and your mission is not yet complete as long as there is still breath in you. Life is a journey, and you have a different path from the other person. Your uniqueness is what sets you apart. How you perceive things and situations plays an important role in your self-image.

Just like serving two masters can never be in balance, you are either a pessimist or an optimist. You will often develop either of these depending on your surroundings and background. If your ears only hear of impossibilities for the longest time possible, there is no way you can be easily convinced that there is a possibility of something good. Your sources of affirmation can either make you or damage you. You have to believe in yourself first before anyone else can.

Sources of Damage

Your angel knows you love approval, especially from close family members because it makes you feel more confident and wiser. When no one approves of your actions and decisions, it breaks you. The people you trust the most have the power to damage you either physically, emotionally, or socially. The friends you have must have known a lot going on in your life and with trust comes vulnerability.

The situations in your life might not be so pleasing to be shared with anyone but you trust your friends with the sensitive information. If it occurs that they let the cat out of the bag, the betrayal will make you feel damaged, your image tainted, and your trust broken.

Society has a negative way of perceiving ex-convicts even after their behavior changes positively.  Most of these people are not warmly welcomed back in the communities. You are perceived as the same older person, dangerous and unwanted. You have to work extra hard to prove that you have changed, and still, no one believes it. You don’t get to have friends; thus, solitude leads to feeling worthless and damaged. Society has to get a mind shift on this.

As an orphaned child, you may have lived with your extended family members who offered to take care of you. However, these relatives might have taken up your innocence out of their selfishness and secretly hurt you.  As a result, you have felt worthless and questioned yourself as to why they mishandled you. The way they treated you left you hopeless and in a difficult position to open up and instead you built a wall around you to prevent other people from getting to you. 

The hope you need.

Your angel is reminding you that you have to believe there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever feelings you have, someone else has experienced that before and the only difference is how you handle it. I know you can handle it so well and come out with a beautiful piece of art. Your brokenness is an asset and not a liability. The turnaround of things begins with understanding who you are and what you believe in for yourself, holding everything else constant.

The fact that you are still breathing indicates that your purpose on earth is not yet complete. You are an important component of what is to be accomplished on earth, and no matter how people see you, stick to the cause. You see yourself differently once you realize why you are still breathing

What if you are the hope of tens of thousands of people to heal? Your story is someone’s medicine. Think of it, if you conquer this feeling and stress, you will help so many who might be in the same place. There is no easier way to believe something is workable if not from someone who has been through the same thicket. Don’t want to be a source of change? Through the different social media platforms, you can be able to give people hope. If only you knew how strong this situation is, you wouldn’t think of the damage.

Whether you are a parent or a guardian, remember that your children are watching you and imitating your steps. They trust you so much, and you are their pillar so ask yourself today how can you feel worthless and damaged with all the beautiful faces and hearts around you?

Your feelings are a reflection of your children. You don’t want to raise broken generations out of them. When you see these children, you see you in them, and for the love you have for them, you won’t take a chance to see damage in them. You are too important to be worthless.

Think of it this way, what if that damage is the only thing you need to steer you to the next chapter of your life. You can use the hurt and the pain positively. This feeling of worthlessness can push you to take more time to build yourself, going back to school, getting that job done, or maybe getting out of your comfort zone. You never know. Whatever the source of this feeling is, analyze and get how you can utilize it to your advantage. Your life is too precious to be wasted in feeling worthless and damaged. You are not damaged; you are being amended.

The ultimate beauty

You only need you more than anything else. Positive thinking and self-talk will see you through. Read books and watch videos that talk positively to your soul. Confessions play a big role in your healing and mind shift. Confess only positive things about yourself every day. Consistency will form a pattern in your mind, and you will start feeling different about yourself. It doesn’t matter how people see you; how you see yourself is the inner drive and determinant of how you feel. If given a lemon, you have a choice of complaining it's sour, or you make a lemonade out of it; what’s your choice?

How you feel is not tied up to your value. A twenty-dollar note has the same value whether it's dipped in the oil, or squeezed in your hand, or on the roadside. You can buy everything worth it. Most people say things to you that only speak of what they are going through. The moment you take it personally, it breaks you, yet you are not the problem; they are. The best way to have peace in your heart, don't take everything personally.

Finally, your angel reminds you that you are a gem and there is a great unmatched potential in you. Believe that everything works for good and find the good in it. You are an asset and worth more than those negative thoughts so shut them down and soldier on.


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