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Life is a gamble, be sure to play your cards right.

Life is a gamble, be sure to play your cards right.

Have you ever been in a casino playing or watching other people play? There are many lessons about life you could learn from the casino and some of them are outlined below;

Bad Days Do Not Last Forever

A casino player understands that they cannot win every single day because some days they will lose even when they least expect it. Understanding this concept saves the players from wallowing in self-pity and disappointments on days they lose. They can understand that it is just a bad day and they will try again another day. In life, do not expect things to always work out your way because you will only end up disappointed.

You could be a student expecting the test to be easy just because you revised everything in the course content but the test does not cover what you studied for, you could be an entrepreneur seeking to secure funding but the investors are not intrigued by your pitch or you could be an employee expecting a promotion by the end of the month buy you fail to meet your targets and the position is given to somebody else. Understanding that it is okay to experience a bad day will help you in moving forward and working towards a better day.

Take Responsibility For Your Losses

As a casino player, you accept your loss gracefully instead of trying to insinuate that the moves made by other players influenced your loss. Today you are reminded to celebrate your victories and earn from your losses because losers are not the people who lose but those who try to blame others for their loss. If you cheated on your spouse, do not try blaming them that their actions forced you to cheat on them.

Today you may find a man cheating on his wife and upon the wife discovering, the man tries to blame the wife using excuses such as the wife was not giving him much attention or that the wife has lost her shape hence he needed to be in the company of a younger woman. Such lame excuses do not make your partner feel good they make you look like a fool and a coward. So just be brave enough to apologize and make amends. As an adult, your parents might have coerced you into getting an education but you resisted and later in life, you begin claiming that your parents never got you an education. Take responsibility for your loss and do not try blaming your parents when the consequences of your bad decisions come haunting you.  

No cheating

Casino players understand the intensity of cheating and the risk of being caught because there are cameras everywhere, everyone is watching and the consequences are dire. Whether you are a student waiting to do a test, you know that being caught cheating could result in a disqualification of that course and even worse result in you being expelled from your institution of learning.

Whether you are an accountant, you understand that cheating by cooking up numbers is illegal and has a huge consequence on your company which will ruin its reputation. In life, honesty is a virtue and in a world where cheating is the norm, people may label you as stupid just because you refuse to cheat. Those who cheat may be living the type of life you desire and they may greatly tempt you to join them. Before doing so, just weigh the risks and see whether it is worth it and you will find that honesty is the best path to walk on.

Do Your Calculations

A casino play does not rashly make a move without doing their calculations to find the possible outcomes and if they desire the outcomes then they proceed with the move. They know that every move counts and it could be a means to them acquiring the things they desire by losing everything they own. In life, you are advised to think thoroughly before making rash decisions, especially in critical situations.

Whether you are planning to buy an asset or investing in a certain company, due diligence is required to ensure you can foresee any risks and see how you can deal with them before attempting to blindly make the move. Whether you are a aren’t who has received a job offer that requires you to relocate to another country, do your calculations and decide whether it is worth leaving your entire family behind or even having your spouse quit their jobs and children transfer from their schools so you can relocate with your entire family then make a decision based on your desired outcome.

Cheap is Expensive

Casino players know that they need to be sober for them to be in a position to make any sane decisions. With this knowledge in mind, many casinos offer free alcoholic drinks for the players. A player who loves alcohol and fancies free things may delight in this rare opportunity and drink until they are intoxicated. In their intoxicated state, they could lose everything they own by gambling it away as well as making wrong decisions as they play because they are not in the right state of mind. In life, you have to be cautious of the things that are freely given to you because they may end up costing you much more than it would have cost you to purchase them.

Take pride in working for the things you desire and obtaining them through the right means. As a young girl, sleeping around with married men just because they are more stable than your age mates and they can finance your lifestyle will see you lose your dignity and pride. Tomorrow you could be in the same shoes as a married woman and a girl half your age is breaking apart your marriage by sleeping around with your husband. Before you complain and start cursing that girl you will realize that it was karma herself in disguise of a younger woman.

Finally, your angel reminds you to take care of your body and soul and live life.


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