Your Angel Message For Today

You reap what you sow; be careful to sow good seed.

You reap what you sow; be careful to sow good seed.

Today’s angel is bringing you a message on mortgages, there are so many lessons you can learn in life from mortgage services. If you are a mortgage owner, you understand the pressure that comes with having to make monthly payments to facilitate the mortgage. This is always a tough decision to make and requires you to be keen and sober-minded while choosing your plan. You might have had similar scenarios in your own life, where you felt indebted and you have had to pay up the price. It is said, you should just pay off your mortgage if you plan to live in a house.

Decision-making has to be done in your best interests

When you are a mortgage owner, you have to choose the plan that works best for you. You have to know whether taking on a mortgage is cheaper than paying rent. If you take a mortgage you will always be cautious about spending money since it is a sobering thought to be sending that amount of money every month without caring whether you have the means or not. A wise homeowner knows how to decide which home to own and whether it is a worthy cause.

You agree this applies to your life too, there are interests you have in life that need to be carefully thought through. You could be a husband who is having issues with your wife, and get another lady whom you think is better than your wife and you are making considerations on whether you can settle with her and divorce your wife. It is not an easy call to lose long-lasting relationships. What if you are wrong?

Every individual has their flaws and you have to accept people as they come, remember you will never find a perfect person; you are not perfect either! Someone else accepted you as you are and if you are to have healthy relationships you have to adjust your expectations. There is always a reward for doing the right thing whether it feels uncomfortable for you or not. Stick to your mission without bailing off and you will reap its fruits.

You need a plan and commitment

A mortgage owner purchases a house and lives in it on debt and makes monthly payments for some years until the debt is fully paid. You have to make a down payment for the house, like a 20% deposit to show commitment to the plan. Mortgages require religious payments because defaulting can lead to foreclosure of the house after being given notices of default. The lenders can put it out for auction.

Today you are reminded to have a plan before you commit yourself. Planning avoids embarrassments and allows you to figure out if that’s the best path for you. Your angel wants you to have realistic goals and carefully figure the steps you can take to achieve this. Always plan, have a vision of how you will achieve your dreams. You could be an employed person, you receive a salary and use all of it in living a lavish life and not caring about tomorrow.

Your life will look admirable today, but you might have serious consequences later in the future. Keep aside some money, no matter how small you think it is. Always save up, Plan the course of life you think for yourself; Where you will want to be in your old age? How comfortable and safe would you want your kids to feel? Commit yourself to achieve your goals. It is these little steps that will make a huge impact in your life. Your angel knows you have all the tools needed to have a peaceful future if you use them to your advantage.

There is no gain without pain

Mortgage lenders do not just give the houses without expecting something in return. There is a monthly percentage that is added to the payment. Interest is the money that banks and lenders earn from allowing you to make partial payments. The interest rates could be fixed or adjustable and the amounts added depend on the period of payment. Most payments made by the borrower during the first months end up paying the interests.

In life, you will have to sacrifice something for you to get another. For you to have that good life and achieve your dreams you have to give up so much along the way. You could be a student who wants to have a great career, by simply not being invested, you will not get it. You have to sacrifice sleep, hanging out with friends, laziness, and self-doubt.

People will commend you for having a good future, but only you will understand that it was not handed on a silver platter. It is easy to undervalue something you have not earned. What you achieve in life will always be a reflection of how much you yearned for it and the things you had to do.

Invest in gainful things

As a mortgage owner, you end up seeing how your money was used. The mortgage payment in most cases is no more than the rent you would pay in a month. Paying rent is considered similar to throwing away your money because you get nothing from it other than the monthly accommodation. The houses bought by mortgage owners appreciate within years and have better chances of selling it off at a way higher price in the future if well maintained.

Today your angel reminds you, if something is worth doing, go for it. You could have the option of pursuing further your studies but you choose not to because you can put the money into another use, even though further studies will advance your career. It is good to see the result of what you involve yourself with. The best thing is to just allow yourself to live with minimal expenditure while you study because you will enjoy the fruits of the sacrifices you made.

Chase your dreams and get the life you desire.

Finally, stop telling your dreams to people who hold you back, even if it is your loved ones. If you are a person who senses that there is something out there for you, other than what you are expected to achieve. If you want to be extraordinary, do not hang out with people who tell you otherwise, because you will end up as ordinary as they thought.



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