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Never Compare Yourself To Someone Else, Always Have Your Own Goal.

Never Compare Yourself To Someone Else, Always Have Your Own Goal.

Today’s message from your angel is about fitness. Is it necessary to commit yourself to the fitness journey? Most people don’t just love seeing a physically fit person; they covet it. However, the journey is not easy even as the results are admirable. Most people keep off fitness because of the endurance and commitment that is required; People also love seeing instant results, which will not happen when on this journey. What is most important before you start, and what will keep you going, is the change of mindset.

Your angel knows that the benefits supersede every other claim, imagine the resilience you get together with a physically fit body. Even as your angel guides you through fitness, here are some lessons you can learn from it that will push you further ahead.

You, Will, Learn That It Is You Who Got Better, The Journey Never Became Easier.

When you start working your body out, your body resists it at first. This is a new practice to your body and you experience a lot of pain. Having to do different exercises and working on your body makes the muscles ache because they were not used to it. Over time, your body slowly adjusts and you start experiencing little pain to none at all. You will find you can now do more exercises than you started with without getting any body pains. Most people give up at this stage and do not like the uncomfortable feeling they get and would rather find other ways of achieving the results they were looking for. You have to build a routine, and even if it doesn’t get easier, you will have mastered overcoming the hurdles.

In life, it is easy to underestimate yourself and think of some things as too big to handle, later when you look back you wonder if you were the one who went through that. You have more strength than you can ever imagine doing things that surpass the limit you have kept for yourself. You might be a single parent, when you were starting, you might have been so stressed wondering if you would ever raise the child properly and still provide for them. Later you just find you handled it all, the child even goes to school, growing up to be a decent human being. Do you see what you did there? The strength that you continually have to go beyond is remarkable. Keep pushing; you will always come out better.

If You Want Good Results, Be Consistent.

Consistency is very important when you are on a fitness journey. Most people workout out for some time and then stop because they cannot keep up with this routine. You expect to see results even from working out for a week, and when it does not go as you planned you choose to quit. You have to make it a habit and build a mental channel that will always lead you there. This does not mean that you will go hard every day, it is impossible. Some days will be light and others hard and that’s fine. Just allow yourself to be physical every day. You will not see any good and lasting results until you are consistent.

Similarly, in life, how many things do you do that you are not consistent with? You bet there is very little or no progress at all. It doesn’t matter how little you feel you are doing, just do it. Your angel knows you have all the good ideas, but if you are not pushing through persistently on even one of them, they will remain just that, ideas. An example is a deadbeat parent who says they want to be in their child’s life but they only show up when they want. What impression does it leave on the kid? Do you think this child will ever count on them? The same thing, if you want it as badly, you have to prove it. After all, the actions tell it all. The universe cannot reward you with something that you are not sure about, be firm about the things you want out of life and pursue them tirelessly.

If You Always Follow How You Feel, Then You Are Not The Master.

Motivation is fickle and cannot be depended on to be the only driving force. If you expect to be supercharged to work out every day, just know it is not happening. The reality is some days you simply won’t feel like doing any of it. That is the point of mastering your feelings, go anyway. You will be surprised at the number of times you end up having great workout sessions when you went when you didn’t feel like working out at all. Being able to know that you should keep pushing yourself no matter how you feel will help you build that discipline to be consistent.

Your angel knows how many things you might have agreed to lose to because of letting your emotions determine your motivation. You are not always going to be up for something, regardless of this, do it anyway. When you are married to your partner you do not treat them the way your mood tells you, that would be so unfair. Even on days when you are tired or had a rough day, you try as much to give them the respect they deserve and communicate. You do not let your feelings get in the way of treating someone decently. Apply the same rule to yourself, your goals, and the things you are working on. A lot of success is credited to just showing up. So show up even on days that you would rather do something else. The universe has so many opportunities that lay waiting for the right person to seize them, the person who tirelessly shows up even when they have no desire to. The opportunities will be there waiting for you to get them because of your intentionality. Do something you have never done if you want results you never had.



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