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Dear Scorpio, you already know that your life is not going as you wished for but losing your optimism on its uncertainty is not a solution. This year will also project you towards stressful, sometimes serious, and other uncalled events, but you have to be focused on your path. You cannot afford to lose a sound mind to the troubles caused by life this year. Meanwhile, you must not lose your focus and get distracted by the temptations of relationships. You love to stay in love, but do not let your lover control your decisions in life. Your year will go great if you take control of your life in your hands. You know what is good for you; you do not need any random person to roleplay as your guardian. Do not lose your grace to be with someone who is not proud of your personality. Luckily, this year you will get all the love and support of your family to sustain the harsh world.

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