Your Angel Message For Today

Whenever there are unforeseen risks, take up an insurance

Whenever there are unforeseen risks, take up an insurance

Today’s angel is helping you discover why you need insurance. Look at how insurance works, you keep paying premiums and you never appreciate it until you are in the risk covered situation where it comes in and you receive the benefits. So you happen to have your motor vehicles, health, businesses, buildings, jewellery and even your life but the question is; have you insured your spirit?

Ice removed directly from a freezer is very hard and could hurt you when hit with it, however, the same ice when exposed to heat slowly melts away and finally evaporates. Such is life, very short, the clock is always ticking forward and never backward. Time is too valuable to waste on chasing the wind. A person in their seventies having lived for many years will appreciate the value of life and time while a teen would fail to believe that.

Appreciate what you have before you lose it

You never value health until you are in a hospital bed fighting for your life, you never appreciate the freedom of travelling all over the world until there is a pandemic forcing you to remain under lockdown. Just like you never appreciate paying insurance premiums until the risk materializes, do not neglect the things and people in your life until you forget their value. If you do not appreciate your support system, a time will come when they will no longer be in your life and you will wish you had appreciated them. As the proverb goes you never miss the water until the well goes dry, it is unfortunate that you have to lose something so that you appreciate it. Whether is that partner you constantly refer to as nagging treasure them or somebody else will. Whether it is those parents you are embarrassed about because you think are old-fashioned, remember someone else is wishing they would turn the clock back and just have a minute with their parents to appreciate them. If an insured car causes a fatal accident and becomes badly wrecked and the insurance pays the owner a new car, despite having a similar model, colour and number plate, the fact remains; it is not the same original car. Do not wait to lose people and things you value because not everything can be replaced.

Insuring your Spirit

Your angel is reminding you that you need not worry because it’s not about the quantity of life but the quality. What you do between your birth and death date is what matters the most. Here are various tips to ensure your spirit is insured;

To begin with, you need to understand that you are not living forever so that you can start preparing for your true home. You are on a journey and a time will come for you to get to your destination. Just like boarding a public bus, you are reminded that despite travelling together, people alight at different destinations. If you are on the same bus as your friends and they arrive at their destinations before you, you would not alight with them but you wait for your destination. In the same way, your actions here will determine the destination of your spirit. 

Realize the need for urgency; It is said that you should always smile when taking a photo because you never know which one will be your last. Are you that person who is so busy making money to the extent that you lack time with your family? Are you the type of person who will be so lonely at their death bed with nobody to console you except a fat bank account that will be useless at the moment? You need to realize the urgency of time and work towards achieving your mission using your God-given abilities. Life has presented you with the same quantity of time as the person you look up to and wish to be like them one day. Why then do you feel uncomfortable when you have the potential to change the terms. If the benefits of a certain insurance policy no longer suit you, you do not keep paying and complaining rather you make an upgrade to enjoy the additional benefits.

Finally, you need to be happy and work on your relationship with your creator. You have only gifted one life and you get to choose how to spend it. You will have to face your hour of death alone and if you lived wrong, you will be filled with regret but it will be too late to make amends. Your most vulnerable moment is if the protection of your creator leaves you and the universe conspires against you because your life will then begin to fall apart and become a mess leaving space for the enemy to attack you. For this reason, relate well with others as well as God so that when you look back you will have no regrets but you will have peace of mind.

Reflection on the insurance in your life

With a pen and a paper and in a quiet location, reflect on your life and ask yourself these questions?

Do I focus so much on insuring material things and forget to insure my spirit?

How many times do I think of the fragility of life? Have I been so blind and forgotten that the clock is ticking? 

Can I give an account of my utilization of my God-given abilities and talents?

Am I aware of my purpose and mission on earth and am I working towards achieving them?

Do I realize that my spirit needs as much attention as my body does? If yes, how is my relationship with God? Do my deeds reflect the works of His spirit in me?

This exercise will help you in finding the gap between your life on earth and your life thereafter. Upon answering and reflecting on the questions, your angel is encouraging you to focus on establishing a strong connection with God today so that after your body expires, your spirit will be insured and it will have a nice home.