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Even when life is uncertain, stand up and be confident

Even when life is uncertain, stand up and be confident

Today your angel brings you a message on facing your fears even when you are not sure of winning. 

The Fears of a Lawyer

Have you ever imagined the fears of a lawyer? It is true that with every legal representation, lawyers gain more experience and confidence which is necessary for the success of their career. However, if you are a lawyer, you agree that your first court case was not a walk in the park. No matter how prepared you thought you were or how eager you were to win it, you obviously had some fears and worries about what could go wrong. You could be representing a defendant who pleads guilty to a crime during the arraignment while they had made you think that they were innocent making you spend your time researching facts to prove so.

Imagine the disappointment, frustration, and embarrassment they would be subject you to while the plaintiff’s lawyer may make fun of you outside the court telling you that you should learn how to prepare your client next time. Alternatively, the plaintiff may also present substantial evidence to the court which you did not foresee thus putting you and your client in a disadvantaged position. Your client may also be questioned in ways they never expected and they may end up speaking unnecessarily and perhaps even reveal information that will disadvantage you.

The Fear of the Unknown

In life, many things could go wrong or even put you in a situation you never expected you would be in. You may lose your parents at an early age and life forces you to take up responsibilities, you may get into an accident that leaves you with a disability, you may fail your exams and not graduate, your partner may walk out on you, your business could suddenly collapse, your house may be on fire and many other instances that make you shiver when you think of them.

Do you know the most interesting thing in all this? As long as there is breath in you, there is hope and you have to survive. Just because you lost your parents does not imply that you kill yourself, disability is not inability it is a beauty mark and a symbol of your strength and willpower to survive.  Failure to graduate does not mean your academic dream is dead, you just need to put more effort and dream again.

When your business collapses it does not mean that you are cut out for business failure so just mourn the loss then get up and fight again using more strength.  Remember even when a lawyer loses a court case, they do not quit but instead gain more experience on how to be better next time.

When you cannot speak for yourself

Have you ever been accused of a crime and you needed a lawyer to represent you in court? If yes, you understand that you do not look out for any lawyer but you seek a reputable lawyer who is highly experienced in such cases so that you have a higher chance of winning. You entrust your lawyer with all the sensitive information and even trust that they will win the case. The lawyer becomes your voice in the court professionally articulating what you might not have been able to explain.

Even when you cannot understand the court language and jargon, you trust that your lawyer is fighting your case. A time will come in life when you will not be in a position to speak and someone else will be there to speak on your behalf. Even with all the information you know and all the skills you possess, your mouth will be completely shut and your voice will not be heard. That will be the day your last rites are conducted after your soul leaves your body.

On that day you will not be able to fight your case trying to prove that you were a good person. You will have no chance to present evidence that would indicate your good deeds. Your family or those closest to you will be the ones presenting your case on the type of person you were.

Understanding that will help you lead life in a way that when you have no voice, your lawyers will fight your case properly and prove you a worthy person. You get to choose your lawyers and your actions determine how they will fight your case.

Tips to guide you when you are choosing and relating with your lawyers;

Your family-These are your closest lawyers and they know you more than you know yourself. Treat them with kindness, love, cherish, appreciate and above all be honest with them so that even when you are gone, nobody will convince them that you were a bad person no matter the evidence they bring. When everyone else has forgotten you, they will take much longer to heal and eventually you will remain in their hearts and memories for as long as they live.

If you hurt and neglect them, your absence may just feel like a relief and an end to their pain and no matter how many times anyone tries to convince them that you were good, they will not believe them because your actions towards them were substantial evidence for that conclusion.

Your friends-Be very careful when it comes to choosing friends who can give an account for your life. Some of the friends are like lawyers who are after your money whether you win the case or lose. Some friends are in your life because they benefit from it, if you happen to remove the benefits they will be gone in less than a second. When you are gone, these are the friends who begin to spread gossip and rumours about how evil you were and they even present evidence.

If you are an honoured man, they may even come with children posing to be your children outside wedlock as your last rites are conducted. If you are a respectable woman, they may begin spreading rumours on how your lifestyle was sponsored by indulging in the behaviours of courtesans.

Just like you are keen when choosing a lawyer, be careful when selecting who to speak on your behalf when you have no voice. 


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