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You Are Restoring Your Soul, Whenever You Create Beauty Around You.

You Are Restoring Your Soul, Whenever You Create Beauty Around You.

There are some parts in life, where you have felt the most pain and you have chosen to keep them locked away, never to be attended to because you think it is not fixable. This can be feelings of shame, guilt, loneliness, or even confusion on how to handle things. Your angel thinks you are strong enough if you have already gone through things that put you down instead and you pulled through. You should know that for every event you go through, that crushed you or that made you feel lost, there is a chance of healing and restoration.

Today’s message from your angel is about restoration. Looking into your life, what are areas you would want to restore? To heal? What are some of the things you have kept in the dark not to be known by anyone else? Start opening up to yourself and set yourself free- this is the beginning of any healing. Acknowledging that yes, that part needs attention. Your angel would want you to focus on restoration and get some life lessons from it. Even as you do so, open your mind to all the possibilities that can happen to you.

Restore Your Self-identity.

Many people are ashamed to face themselves, to approve of themselves, or to live as free beings. The energy that is required to fight those dark places can be overwhelming that you decide to not even try. Self-realization is a solo journey, and as much as you would want to do it with someone else, you are the only person who knows where the shoe hurts. 

Your angel knows all the things you have the power of doing, but you keep abandoning yourself. You are you for a reason, you have a purpose that only you can fulfill, so why do you keep running from it? Take an example, where you go through numerous cosmetic surgeries to fit into the standards of other people. Ask yourself if this is what you need or is it the acceptance and approval you want.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see yourself?  Without that fallacy, just who you are with your bare self is beautiful, accept it. Build your life around it and embrace it. Restore your self-identity without feeling the need to live up to anyone else’s standards other than yours. What you tell yourself is powerful, what you think about yourself is true, so make it count and believe it.

Your Well-being Is Important.

Often, people do things without caring about the repercussions of their actions, because after all, it is their body and themselves. You have to be responsible for your well-being, be it emotionally, physically, mentally, or any other area. You could get someone having a very poor lifestyle that starts to take a toll on them. You could be taking unhealthy meals, a lot of alcohol, and living a reckless lifestyle. When it starts taking you down the wrong road, you will be alone to endure it. 

Your angel wants you to start taking care of yourself. Allow more beneficial things in your life. Listen to positive content, take time to listen to yourself and heal, eat better and be in control of yourself. Freedom is not to be misused, but to show your capability of handling a responsibility better.  How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you value yourself. Evaluate that again and again until you get it right. Choose to restore the glory that is within you.

There Is A Way To Be Restored.

Where there is a will, there will always be a way. It takes a long journey for you to reach that end where you know you are not okay and there is something that needs to be fixed. Do not give up on yourself and take this chance to listen to your angel’s sound counsel. Firstly, it is very important to be gentle, to acknowledge, and be understanding with yourself. You cannot restore what you have not fully embraced.  Treat yourself like how you would a friend who is going through a similar experience.  You should not rush the process of restoration, but rather, be patient with yourself and keep making progressive steps.

Your angel reminds you that you have the power of completely shifting your mind to new positive thoughts about life. Once you feel your energy is flowing back, try to point out things that you know you love doing, which could be people, places, food, or even a spiritual practice. Even the biggest wounds could be healed in the simplest ways, with a touch of love, consistency, and patience.

You, like everyone else, have a very unique ability, notice it and cherish it. What are your inner strengths? What makes you able to come out of a dark place? Remember it and tap into it.  You could give up every time you feel like you are failing, you can think that maybe it is unnecessary and maybe you are “over feeling things”, but the feeling is there for a reason, to bring to your attention that something needs to be attended to, so do not shut yourself out.

Your angel reminds you that you are not alone in this journey, hold hands with others who seek to be restored and walk together.

The Journey Is Yours, Embrace It.

Most people hate so many things in their lives and always find a way to escape their day-to-day events. You cannot keep running forever, at some point, you will have to face yourself. You cannot hope for a restoration you are not ready to have. To set yourself for this, start by accepting and loving yourself the way you are, that’s when the expectations life gives you won’t matter anymore. Rejuvenate your thinking. Learn to be your friend, because ultimately there is no one else who is going to be by your side.

There is no reason to hate life, create that which you want where you are. Learn to look into the mirror and love what you see, smile, and feel the energy that comes out of you and love it. Every restoration begins with acceptance. Your angel stands by you even as you redevelop yourself.


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