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Life Is About Creating Yourself, It Is Not About Finding Yourself.

Life Is About Creating Yourself, It Is Not About Finding Yourself.

People are used to living in buildings that are already finished, and look all beautiful on the outside. They may even complain about the pricing and rent they are supposed to pay. Hardly does anyone think of the work that has been done bringing that result or the cost that has been paid for it. You admire good things, but are you ready to put in the labor and pay the cost of getting good results? Your angel understands that you may need to make a lot of sacrifices and have a complete shift in your mind, just as a construction, it will not take a day or two. Their support is with you, to make you have a positive mentality and create an impactful life. Be ready for your journey.

Hard work Is Irreplaceable.

Ever heard of the saying “if wishes were horses”? There is nothing you will get from wishful thinking. If there is one thing that construction will teach you, it is that you are going to be working very hard. You have to, there is no way around it. There are times when you will want nothing more than to stop, but you have to carry on and on as much as you can. Construction work is manual, there is no folding of hands, everyone has to be physically involved. For that house to be finished, for those pipes to be well laid, you will have broken your back for it.

In life, people love the soft life, where things are just happening because you think you deserve them. You may result in doing very unnecessary things to gain material things, but those actions can have very major consequences in your life. Take an example of a student who doesn’t take time to study their coursework, but would rather engage with the tutors in matters that would earn them favors. Later when that same student is out to do the actual work, they will have no know-how at all. People you see having successful lives did not have it by coincidence. If any of them started slacking, they would have fallen behind or never even gotten close to the lifestyle they have right now. 

Your angel knows that it may be tough but insists on the need to fully engage in your work and ensure there is progress in your life daily. Hard work will be hard for you, but it is very rewarding. Your angel also reminds you that your dreams and visions will not just happen unless you push yourself to bring them to reality.

Accidents Are A Part Of Life.

The chances of accidents happening when doing construction are very high. There are too many powerful tools and machines, it is mostly a dangerous place to work. One slight mistake can cause huge repercussions. When constructing, you have to have quick aids of helping workers just in case such a scenario happens. Unfortunately, humans are susceptible to accidents. You are not perfect, accidents will happen. Just do your best to be prepared when they do. Do not go overboard with overreacting in case something happens wrongly. You could be an employee at a place where you are always trying to give a good impression, then one day, you do something accidentally, like sending a personal email to the unintended person, could be your boss. You cannot beat yourself about it throughout or blame yourself for things that are beyond your control. 

Your angel speaks on the need of being gentle with yourself, even in times of crisis. Pull yourself together and do not think the universe is working against you. When you have a positive mentality, you understand that this too shall pass.

Your Weakest Link Shows How Strong You Are.

Teamwork has become almost cliché, what is emphasized now is team spirit, which is the ability to pull anyone in your team who is remaining behind, and make sure you are all at par. In construction, if you have a strong team, you will deliver your job at a quicker pace. However, if you have one worker who is slacking behind, it may generally slow the whole work down. You could be waiting for them to finish a certain job so that you can go after them, but they just work too slowly.

It is important to remember that there are jobs you could do quickly while the others are struggling, and vice versa happens too. There are things you are good at and there are things you are bad at. Recognizing when this happens is the first step to creating a solution. You need to work on your weaknesses until you become good at them and also support those who are struggling.

Imagine a wife who earns more than the husband but still wants the man to cater for every bill in the household. Do you think there will be progress in the home? Success will be one-sided and even then its full potential will not be realized because one partner is doing things in secrecy. Your angel encourages you to work with those around you if you want to live a peaceful life where everyone is thriving, aiming for the same goal. Work on each other until it is not a weakness anymore.

Top Tip Of The Day.

Life is tough sometimes and there will always be lessons at each stage. As you move up higher, evolve your mind to many possibilities, do not enclose your mind to your truth only, it may not be right. Give people chances, including yourself. As you go about your day, learn to enjoy what you do, laugh, and make light of the situations around you if you can because this is the actual journey, there is no other and all of it will require this continuous hard work. Your angel walks with you, even as you go ahead embracing changes.


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