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Your health is your wealth; guard it to your best ability.

Your health is your wealth; guard it to your best ability.

Today's angel focuses on shedding light on the importance of guarding your health as well as how your health affects your life wholly. Did you know that the fact that you have full control over what you consume should not mean you can eat anything and everything you come across? Today, most of these foods available are processed and natural as those in the ancient times where people were keen to be feeding on naturally grown food, and their medical needs were taken care of by the healthy diet routine.

If you take a deep look into your life, you may realize that instead of eating natural pineapples you may be eating canned pineapples, instead of making fresh juice and yogurt, you are stuck on processed ones. You are challenged to take a deep look into your daily diet and determine if it is worth it. 

Maintaining good health.

The status of your health will determine your medical needs hence the need to take good care of it to lower your chances of requiring them. An interesting thing is that you require finances to cater for your medical needs such as hospital bills and purchasing drugs when you fall ill but it costs you absolutely nothing to take good care of your health. It is now not a priority but a matter of urgency that you take care of your health and in case you are wondering how this is possible, here are a few tips from your angel;

Take a balanced diet-Food is one of the basic needs of human beings and as a human, your body will respond based on how you feed it; either positively or negatively. It is that you feed well to avoid negative medical concerns such as obesity or malnutrition. Remember, you are what you feed; if you feed on junk, eventually you will be junk based on the fact that your body will negatively respond which will be exhibited by physical weakness and illness.

To counter this, you are advised to take a balanced diet to have your health in control. Wait not until you are on a hospital bed to begin eating well and drinking water regularly. I know you may be one of those who struggle with hydration and you may be awaiting thirst for you to hydrate which is extremely dangerous. Your angel is calling you for a challenge to feed well and hydrate and watch how your productivity changes. 

Regular exercising-Imagine waking up in the morning, preparing for work, taking a bus or your car to work where you spend the most of your time on your office chair and later driving home, taking dinner then finally sleeping. Most people have this routine and before they realize it their energy levels are low and their bones weak. Lack of exercise will slow down your metabolism and lower your energy.

Have you ever realized how your spirits rise and your energy turns positive after a morning jog session? You may be one of the many people who have the notion that those who exercise to lose weight. Today’s angel is letting you know that you exercise to keep fit and maintain good health and not just to lose weight, so stop lazing around and start working out today!

Check up on your mental health-For a healthy life and to be in a position to conduct your daily activities, you require a fully functional body as well as a healthy mental capacity.When you are mentally unhealthy, you will not be able to process your thoughts well, and it can eventually affect your body via developing complications like high blood pressure due to high stress levels.

The funny thing is that even the people who smile the most and you think are the happiest could be experiencing mental health issues such as depression. Sometimes, especially if they are introverts, you may never realize it until it is too late. 

About Medical care

Medical care is one of the basic needs of human beings. Medical services are readily available in clinics and hospitals. These services are offered depending on the equipment available, the level of the facility, and the financial requirement. A big percentage of people are not able to meet their medical needs as a result of poor financial status. This has caused the government to subsidize these medical needs costs in many countries so that everyone can be able to receive the care; as they say, a healthy citizen is a healthy nation.

People with terminal illnesses require special medical care, and their medical needs are quite heavier than when you have a normal illness. Medical care providers are different depending on their specialty. There are pediatricians ,those who specialize in children;  others for treating specific body parts like the brain, the heart, and others for mental health.

These doctors and nurses have to go through thorough studies and practice as they handle life chances every day and not metals. This is to make sure they are confident enough to deliver as per the patients' expectations; solution givers.

Mental health medical needs are critical and your angel is letting you know you need to take care of yourself to avoid situations causing mental health challenges. As a parent, you need to be keen and actively engage your children in their daily activities so that you can realize any strange behavior. Some adults are still hurt from the scars, such as rape and abuse, they suffered during childhood which was made worse by the fact that they never received mental health medical needs.

Most organizations have focused on the medical needs of a healthy mind, and from a tender age, children are monitored and drugs prescribed in case of extreme effects like trauma and depression. Your partner could be experiencing mental health challenges and it is up to you to recognize their needs and address them appropriately. Therapy Is one of the most recommended ways to handle difficulties in mental health.

Finally, your angel lets you know that if you or your loved ones are currently facing a medical issue, keep calm, take good care and all will be well. A message of hope and love to you.




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