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Wake up! It is time to restore your environment.

Wake up! It is time to restore your environment.

Today’s angel is letting you know that you have polluted the environment for a long time and you urgently need to act towards restoring it. Your angel is further focusing on enlightening you on how and why you should take care of your environment. Did you know that your performance is mainly dependent on the status of your environment? A clean and tranquil environment will enable your mind to think and respond to information more positively than a filthy surrounding which will affect you negatively.

Every product that is on sale is a result of a combination of raw materials, and finally, it is packaged depending on the size and content of the product. After they have used whatever they have bought, most people tend not to dispose of the waste properly, thus polluting the environment. The pollution process is unnoticeable, but restoring the same environment to a healthy one is tiresome and fulfilling.

Sources of Environmental Pollution.



With the increased production levels due to the high population, many machines have been invented. The noise produced by these machines pollutes the environment. People who live around factories are prone to the effects of the nose, such as partial deafness as the noise damages the eardrums. The children born within the proximity of the factory too may grow up being completely deff.

Production of products also results in the emission of gases into the air that might harm people’s health. When inhaled, these gases might cause breathing problems; to the women, lead gas can cause infertility or lead to defective births.

Careless disposal of waste is a significant source of environmental pollution. Oil and polythene waste are heavy destroyers of the environment. The soil is the receptor of all this garbage, and oil will make it acidic and less fertile. In case of rain, the drainage will be poor as oil seals the water passage, oil that is washed to the water bodies the fish will lose life as the oil clogs their lungs making it difficult to breathe.

Importance of a healthy environment

A healthy environment promotes the good health of the people living in it. Diarrhea is a common infection caused by living in a dirty environment as the flies transfer the dirt from the sources to the food you eat. Typhoid is another common infection that is caused by taking contaminated water. The water can be contaminated due to dirty pipes channeling drinking water. By maintaining a healthy environment, you promote the reduction of these infections by a big percentage.

Cleanliness of the environment will minimize flooding cases in times of heavy rain as the drainage pathway will be open enough to allow the passage of water. When there is a hindrance in water flow, the water will collect and flow in directions that might destroy valuable things like houses and food plantations. The overflow of water can also lead to the outbreak of waterborne diseases like bilharzia. With all this at stake, people will become homeless, starve, and sickly.

Cutting down trees is another channel of destroying the environment as it reduces fresh air circulation and promotes soil erosion and drought. When you take care of the environment by retaining the trees available, you help reduce erosion and having fresh air.

Environment Restoration

People in the community have different perceptions and habits, and the more significant part of the environment has become unhealthy for settlement. Waste disposal is still done improperly, and gases are still being emitted into the atmosphere. It is a personal responsibility to keep your environment clean and healthy.

Restoration can be made possible by recycling waste that can not be decomposed, such as plastic and polythene bags. You can separate your wastes into biodegradable and non-biodegradable and then dispose of them differently. For the biodegradable ones, they can be disposed to increase the fertility of the soil. The non-biodegradable waste can be disposed of via a licensed recycling company that uses the trash to produce new products released to the market.

Another way of ecological restoration is by planting trees in areas experiencing soil erosion. The roots will help hold together the soil not to be washed away in times of heavy rain. This decision will also promote fresh air circulation and balance the ecosystem by attracting rain which helps grow food plantations.

Noise is a great contributor to the pollution of your environment, and factories are advised to be constructed on the outskirts of the town or far away from residential places. In addition, the management can be instructed to use soundproof machines, thus reducing the emission of destructive noise. Gas emissions can be hazardous when inhaled for a substantial amount of time, for example, lead gas, resulting in infertility among women. The production points can be advised to use inputs that produce less gas or use chimneys that break down those gases to be harmless to people.

It is vital to create awareness of the importance of having a clean environment, and this will enlighten people about their responsibility to the environment. The awareness can be executed in the form of rallies and consistent programs of frequent cleaning. With this awareness, people will know how to dispose of their waste and reduce the chances of disease outbreaks, thus low mortality rates.

In conclusion, no matter how far your environment is polluted, restoration is possible with determination and teamwork. The restoration can take time, but with progress, change is inevitable. Take it upon yourself to restore your environment and work progressively towards maintaining it by empowering the people around you.

A clean and healthy environment is a source of empowerment and strength to your soul. There are times in life you will only need to go to a field full of trees to feel the breeze and the sweet flower; smell, which refreshes the soul. Good mental health is the power within that spurs you to reach your goals in life. Embrace restoration of your environment and your whole being will be renewed. With all this said, be sure as you take care of your surroundings, it will take care of you and your generation, a healthy nation.


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