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["Colors of the year: Red, Yellow","Lucky Numbers of the year: 1,6","Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, W","Cosmic Tip: Meeting new people announce the arrival of new experiences. Not only will you get to share your own experiences, but will also learn about what others opine. You will learn to accept and appreciate differences and this is a lesson you should hold on to for the remainder of your life. ","Tips for Singles: If you have been staying apart from your family, it is time now to ask them to shift to your place. Support is the very basis of every relationship and the pillar of a family. Let them know that you will stand by their side no matter what happens and watch how they will shower you with all the love and affection.","Tips for Couples: You will find yourself revising your definition of a family. A new person could be making its way into your life, changing almost everything in your life for good. You will learn how to care and live for someone else\\u2019s dreams and will also acknowledge that love has the potential to transform a person."]

Yearly Horoscopes

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