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Be Ferocious Even When You Play By The Rules.

Be Ferocious Even When You Play By The Rules.

Starting a business is a good idea. Knowing that you will be in control of how you work, that you can decide the time, style and venture you feel most comfortable with, without feeling the pressure to follow someone else, is an outstanding feeling. Today’s message from your angel is about business services. As much as thriving businesses are an admiration, few people are willing to commit to something fully when it doesn’t give returns yet, with the hope that it will grow someday.

Your angel cautions that business is a venture that changes your character and thinking and you have to be ready to develop yourself as you move ahead. They desire that you be willing to take up risks and not give up when things are slightly going off course.

Embrace Competition In The Provision of Business Services


When you start offering any business services, you become terrified of competitors, they often seem like a threat to your livelihood. After some time though after you interact with your competitors and you have known your target audience, you realize that there are a lot of projects you are doing differently and they don’t want to exactly venture into your line of working. Beyond that, even the competitors who offer the same business services as you can have a skill deficit once in a while and they can ask you to subcontract them to fill gaps in their workforce.

If your business services are good, you can get many work opportunities even within the spaces you thought to be competing. Whatever you do, you should learn to see the brighter side of it and find a way on how you can use situations to your advantage. Knowing that there are other good business services in the market makes you level up and do your best to stand out. You may be doing well in your job, but you still do not want to coach other people on how to excel. 

Your angel asks that you shouldn’t be afraid to share what you know, which can help the other person. You may feel that your intellectual knowledge of things should be kept away under lock and key, just for you. However, it is by sharing that you also learn new things. The universe is kind to fill you back when you have emptied yourself in the service of others.


Also, you would rather help others, for some guaranteed payment than hang on to an imagined competitive advantage that may or may not earn you any revenue in the future. Once you have worked on creating a good reputation for yourself, offering a few sessions of assistance will not take all the effort you have put into yours. Your angel reminds you that collaborating with people can earn you more than what you would have gotten alone.


Add Your Knowledge Continuously.

Learning can never be enough, mostly if it is in your interest to satisfy the needs of people who are continuously evolving. When you are offering business services, you have to keep yourself updated about the new trends and what people want from your business. As a business service provider, if you don’t constantly change your work dynamics to blend in, you will be rendered irrelevant after some time. Throughout your life, you will always have opportunities to better yourself. 


Your angel insists on the need of choosing education as an investment. Go for something that truly interests you. Getting a paper degree just for the sake of it will not pay off as when you study following your passion. You may feel that the distance you have reached is enough and now you have put your focus completely on something else, but in a world that is in such a rush, some years from now you may completely not relate to what is happening.

There are many business tools and educational courses that are on most online platforms, your angel shows the need to take the opportunity of this and pay the small required fees sometimes to learn. Be honest with yourself, you can never know everything really, so surprise yourself with a new thing every day.


Calculate Your Risks.

Show me someone afraid of trying things and I will show you someone who has not done much with their life. When you are offering business services, you will get to a point where you have to make tough decisions so that your business can thrive. However, there are decisions you can make that lead to a great downfall. Take for example, if your business is not doing very well and you are torn between taking up a loan to keep it running or to close it altogether. It is okay to take risks, in fact, it should be something you expect to do at some point. However, this needs to be calculated risks. 


Your angel inputs that taking risks without weighing your options first is a reckless and foolish move. No matter what journey you take, it is your constant choices that you will be living. Know when to give up on something and when you need to stop salvaging it. Some situations will be painful for you, but don’t let the pain be followed by unnecessary expenses. That business can collapse and you end up having that loan to pay. You are a wise individual, your spirit will let you know when it’s time to move on, and it will give you the strength to start again.


Top Tip Of The Day.

In everything you associate yourself with, you can learn. Be keen to not take your experiences for granted as your past can shed light on the things you need to do and what to avoid. As you progress in every stage of your life, always be a student ready to listen to everyone, because everyone hasan impact to create. Your angel wants you to approach life in an open-minded manner so that growth will not be difficult.


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