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Trading deals and investments are good opportunities for your financial improvement

Trading deals and investments are good opportunities for your financial improvement

Today, your angel will be guiding you in the field of negligent financial decision-making. If you're in a good, stable situation, you're more than likely to mess up than those just starting up because carelessness is the close friend of stability so the basis here will focus on psychological applications to trading and investment. 


Now, you may be a bit confused why there's a relationship between the three. Really, it's a topic that most people normally neglect as they start to slacken with their financially stable judgments, which in turn causes damage to their hard-earned fortune. The Universe won't leave you behind even if you're already in a safe place. The market is one big pile of strategizing. It's an entire world of information that you need to categorize into old and new, useful and not useful. 


With that in mind, your guardians won't just stand by in this realm of endless money struggle. They're advising you to plan for financial improvements in addition to retaining security. There's no fixed future when it comes to the financial world after all.


Experiment During Your Start-Up


The best thing to consider during the first stage of your financial decisions is objectivity. When you create a theory, you must look for ways it can be wrong rather than reinforcements that it's right. In this way, you'll be able to imagine predictions of failure and plan accordingly in the event of it. For example, in deciding that you want to make a profit, you come up with a consumer hypothesis and turn to the news to see confirmation. As theoretically positive as this is, your angel highly discourages it. The information that's 'out there' is actually much more dangerous than what's yet to be calculated.


Traders refer to this phenomenon as "confirmation bias" and the Universe, the devil's trap. Clear your judgment by being as objective as possible. Not to say that you need to stray away from positive news, but asking for confirmation bias will make you forgo must-needed experiments and just buy as much as you can. No, you need to ask your angel for their guidance first by emptying your overwhelming enthusiasm. The divine has an aversion to overconfidence. In the financial world, slow but steady wins the race so keep calm and trade warily with your angel. 


Being too safe can harm good trading


The second part of negligent financing is extreme risk aversion. Don't worry, your angel understands. Taking a leap is too unpredictable, but that kind of thinking is a risk on to itself as well. Say you are given a choice between (a) an 60% chance of winning $50,000 and (b) a 90% chance of winning $30,000. Risk aversion dictates that you'll take the second one, while the Universe is hopeful that you'll take the first one. This is the other side of the spectrum of “confirmation bias” and is just as failing—being too careful.


Confirmation bias and risk aversion are more or less being too positive or being too negative, correspondingly. Both can only narrow your view to the smaller picture. You shouldn't get pulled all over the place when faced with the possibility of loss. Your mind should be rigid yet unrestrained. If you find it difficult to obtain this mentality, ask your angel to help you balance it. There's nothing their divine powers can't do! When you're overreacting, they can help curb it down; when you're underreacting, they can push the conservatism away. This process will teach you how to know an attractive opportunity if you see one. 


Social Influences in Financial Decisions


Trading requires a great amount of self-confidence. Ultimately, you're putting yourself out on the market competition and against other intelligent minds with each of their divine interventions. But you don't have to worry about this part so much. Simply remind yourself consistently of your own angel's support and you won't be so susceptible to other people's influence. Remember that your financial decision-making should mainly account for YOUR preference, not for rival traders.


Teamplay, on the other hand, is a good practice. Much like you tag-team with your angel, it's best to gather the opinions of your colleagues or friends. As much as it's not a personal spiritual fight, you're also not physically alone. Group discourses can help carry financial burdens as they provide different perspectives on your choices.


Experience is the best teacher


Theoretical thinking can only get you so far. You have to actually apply your strategies on the playing field. In the end, only experience can make you truly mature as a trader. Psychologically speaking, they say that amateurs rely more on emotions than sound judgment—all the more reason to try your hand at trial and error. That's the only way to avoid diffidence and overconfidence.


Your angels are saying you shouldn't be afraid of experience. Without histories of loss and profit, you have no basis to weigh outcomes and trading cues. Divine strength may assist in mitigating information overload but you have to be the one to achieve actual performance. Learn to take feedbacks not only from the Universe but in the market as well. Otherwise, you'll just be reinforcing yourself.


Use psychological tactics to improve your financial decision-making


Now that you know there's value in psychology when it comes to trading, research about it. The financial market is a chess game, and joining in means playing with other traders. Neglecting good tactics will be your downfall. Psychology enables wisdom and wisdom is knowing how to use any information to your advantage. If they say that you can't win on another person's battlefield, then psychological tactics can transform it into an even playing field. That's how powerful it is. 


Just take note to never think that you're the best player (or trader) in the market. Balance is the key, remember? That goes for confidence as well. Psychology disables the illusion of complete control. That's why the divinities want you to utilize it, they don't want ineptitude to come upon you because misfortune is a general consequence of that. In any case, you have your angel's guidance as your safety net. With them, you won't ever fall at a complete loss. 


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