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Do you have a truth that you stand for in life? Your heart tells you it’s the truth regardless of what anyone else thinks about it? There are many things you claim are true, which can govern your choices and way of living. Today’s angel will look into the things you claim and what impact they can have on your life.

Create the right image, then live it.

You attract most of the things that happen to you, whether you like it or not. There is a position you have thought to yourself to have deserved in life. A thing that you know is rightfully yours. The universe rewards the desires of people; you just need to claim it. This power is given to you and everyone else.

The beginning of having good things coming to you is the change of mindset of how you view yourself. You cannot claim you are intelligent while deep down you tell yourself otherwise. Claiming is the act of asserting ownership of something or saying something is true.

What do you say about yourself? Which is the most important thing, before allowing someone else to have an opinion. You could be a woman who goes through domestic abuse by your spouse, but you never want to leave. The man could have even abused you in front of everyone, you do not feel safe but you continually protect him when others intervene.

What truth do you claim about yourself when you allow that? You need to change the truth you tell yourself, when you assert yourself of your worth, no one will tell you to leave, you will rightfully do what is right by you.

You can achieve your dreams.

Have you ever wanted something so badly? Life does not reward you when you cower about the things you want to achieve. Sometimes you can claim how life has been unfair to you and you have so many reasons to give for not doing well in life or progressing. But the words you say are so powerful and can outline your life. So many people are going through worse situations.

Remember the people going through wars in their country while others have health problems and far bigger issues. You have to always count your lucky stars.  People who sit down and wallow about how bad their situation is, hardly ever get out of it because they have claimed it. The opposite is also possible, where you can want a good life and still achieve it. You have equal chances as everyone else. If you want something, be very persistent and do not quit until you get it. Have a vision about it and claim it. 

For those of you who are struggling to provide for your children, you might feel frustrated, incapable and you might need help, but life is not always fair. Your angel reminds you to put your best foot forward and work like never before. You have to declare that your children will not live a bad life because you have the power to provide a good one.

Do not be choosy about jobs, as long as it adds value to your life do it. Before you realize it with your mind, with your actions, and with your talk. You could be a single parent; you will have afforded a lot of things for your children.

Be yourself.

So many times, you can claim to be something you are not so that you can please the people around you. You could speak of all the things you would want to accomplish to gain respect from people. But very few people accomplish things they speak about. People who do not accept you as you are most likely are not for you. Learn to stay away from people whom you constantly have to prove yourself to. You do not have to claim to be anything, what they see is what should be true. 

You could be a person who does not feel comfortable in your own skin and you feel the need to modify yourself for you to fit in society. You could put yourself through plastic surgery, skin lightening treatments, excessive makeup to have your confidence boosted. You need to love yourself first, in your original state. The standards of beauty placed by society are ever-changing.

You could claim your truth, that you are beautiful, you could build your confidence around constantly reassuring yourself, you will find that people will be more accepting of you because you first accept yourself. Your angel reminds you that you do not have to change yourself for anyone, the beauty you radiate is enough by itself to the people who matter.

You have the ability to make good decisions.

If you wait for somebody else to make your day for you, you are going to be disappointed. Every day can be your day if you claim it. How many times have you let opportunities pass you by because you do not feel like the right fit? How many times have you not done anything to progress your life because you feel you do not have the right tools?

There will always be something or someone that hinders you from doing everything you want freely. You have to take back the power you so easily give. You could be a woman who does not advance your career or apply for that big position at work because you would not want to make your spouse feel intimidated and you let him make all the decisions for you after some time, you can start being resentful towards your spouse when you think about all those things you could have done with your life.

Learn to make some decisions for yourself and go for everything you know you deserve. In most cases, it will be for the benefit of the family and the other person will adjust to what is happening as long as you maintain respect between you.

   If you have learned, and claim that you know, do not live like an ignorant person.


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