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Whenever you feel entitled, remember nobody owes you anything.

Whenever you feel entitled, remember nobody owes you anything.

Whether you have been planning to take up a loan and you are stuck, today your angel brings you a message to help you understand how loans work.

The Loan Process

Have ever taken up a loan and later regretted the decision? Have you ever taken a loan and felt that it was the best decision you ever made? There are always two sides of a coin hence taking up a loan can have both negative or positive life-changing impacts on your life. The good thing is that you get to determine which side to fall into through your actions. There are certain factors that set the difference between these two fates and they include but not limited to:

Reason for taking up the Loan-Have you ever taken up a loan without a concrete reason? Before taking a loan ask yourself whether it is necessary and if there is another alternative. Applying for a loan without any reason but just because you meet the criteria required will negatively affect your finances since you might end up misusing the loan just because you had no reason for it.

A plan for loan Utilization-Creating a budget before taking up a loan will avoid unnecessary misuse of money since every coin is already planned for. Imagine you took up a thousand dollars-  loan but you had no plan on how to use the money.  You are most likely to misuse the money once your account is credited.

Repayment Plan-Have you ever taken a loan for consumption purpose and without planning on how to repay it.  Understand that a loan once taken has to be repaid regardless of what it was used to do. Whether it was for an income generating project or for consumption, your creditor is only concerned with your repayment as per the agreed contract. With this reason in mind you need to be careful when deciding on the repayment plan so that you avoid penalties that arise from late or missed instalments.

One thing you agree on is that if you apply for a loan from any bank, it is not just processed immediately but you receive the loan after the loan process is complete and you are found eligible. The period between application and approval is the waiting period and during this moment you have no control on whether it will be approved or not but all you need is patience. You are only optimistic that it will be approved and while you wait, you ought to be budgeting for it as well as looking for alternatives in case it is not approved.

In life, certain circumstances will only require you to relax and wait because you have no control over the situation. If you are in a situation that you cannot change, just lift your burdens to God and give Him all your worries, then be patient as you wait upon Him. If you are waiting for the universe to bring success along your path, as you are waiting make sure to put everything into place and work towards it.

You Owe Yourself Much

While you are thinking about the things you owe to other people, today you are reminded that there are various things that you owe yourself:

You owe yourself much more than you think you do-Have you ever thought of the things you owe yourself? Are your actions intended to meet your expectations or do you just wait to meet the expectations of society? What do you think about yourself? Today you are reminded that you are your greatest debtor and you owe yourself much. The moment you begin doubting your abilities, remember you owe yourself greater self-confidence. Whenever you feel lazy, remember you owe yourself all the success hence go for those goals and targets you set to achieve.

You owe yourself that life you dream about-Whenever you are faced with uncertainties and fear, during moments of self-doubt when you are walking in the dark you need to remember that you should never stop walking because you deserve to see and reach for the light.

Nobody Owes You Anything

Another critical thing you need to understand is that nobody owes you anything. This is the harshest reality of life and you can do nothing about it. Do you understand that nobody owes you anything in this life? Not even your parents, teachers, friends, or even your parents! People who do not understand this are often complaining that life is unfair. If you think life is unfair, let me burst your bubble and let you know that indeed it is unfair and there is nothing you can do about it until you come to the understanding that you are not entitled to anything. The moment you understand this reality; you learn to expect nothing from others but instead appreciate what you receive.

As a child, you may have looked up to your parents or guardians to support you and you felt a sense of entitlement. Upon reaching adulthood, you must let go of that sense of entitlement and understand that in this life you need to stand up on your feet. If your parents pay your college fee, understand that it is a favor and appreciate it instead of complaining that the college does not meet your standards or the allowance given is not enough.

If your spouse gives you a car, be grateful to them instead of ranting that it is not the latest model. Suppose you are pregnant and your friends fail to organize a baby shower party for you, understand that they do not owe you any party before calling them fake friends. The moment you embrace this reality, you will begin to understand people and let go of the bitterness and grudge that comes after your expectations are not met.

Finally, your angel wishes to let you know that if you look at your life as a loan, you will learn to treasure the moments you spend on earth. You understand that it doesn’t last forever and eventually, the lender will need it back. Good utilization of that loan will ensure you have no regrets on your deathbed and your lender will appreciate the value you brought.


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