Your Angel Message For Today

Do make decisions, those that you will be confident are right.

Do make decisions, those that you will be confident are right.

Today’s angel is helping you in making decisions and especially if you are considering getting into timesharing. Timeshare is a thing most people regret going into, however, there are so many benefits you can get from it. Are timeshares the best alternatives to vacation houses? Today we have an opportunity to relate to the events around us.

The mindset from which you look at life really interferes with how you will lead your life and the events you will have. Similar to when getting a timeshare, you have to make your decisions carefully thinking of the future and the impact of what you are currently doing. Most timeshare buyers buy because of pressure and the short-term offers that they are told about, it always sounds like a good deal.

Later, they come to realize that the expenses that come with buying it, are most times not worth it but they commit to it. You could be a person who makes decisions impulsively, you might have already faced so many consequences because of this trait. Sometimes you feel like you have let yourself down, but the truth is, so many people are in the same situation. There is always a way of managing situations we are in, to be better for us.

You can first start by thinking through an issue thoroughly, present and future consequences without a hurry, then make a decision that favors you in the long run even if it doesn’t look so good at the moment. One decision at a time, small and big.

Timeshare payments cannot be avoided.

You cannot take shortcuts in life. It is your responsibility to be accountable and courageous to fully attend to an issue in your life until it's completed. As a timeshare owner, you buy the timeshare and are assigned a week to stay in the property you have bought, but you end up paying very huge amounts of money for the maintenance of the shared property.

Most timeshare owners buy them as an alternative to avoid maintaining another home or regularly checking on the house. Today, your guide wants you to be ready to face life. You can avoid studying for exams or familiarizing yourself with the course you chose and even pay someone to do the assignments for you, but later the results will be frustrating because you will not know how to handle work situations when you are employed yet used so much time in school.

The biggest freedom is earned, by facing it head-on.  You can have your way to a higher position at work through corruption and fail to perform as required while there because you avoided the necessary step to learn and grow. Sticking to the right path makes life easier in the long run and it is a virtue you can create in yourself.

You have the power to say no.

If you do not want something, leave it! Most times you find out that a timeshare owner bought it because of the persistent marketing done to them and the long presentations to persuade them. Even though they know they are not so clear on the details and they do not need it, they end up buying it. You always have a choice, you could be manipulated to agree to a situation with which you do not agree, but because you care about the other person, you end up doing what they want.

This can be a spouse, friend, parent, or employer who can show you the short-term benefits you will get if you comply, which might come at a greater cost? Your employer might want you to do illegal business for them, you might fear you will lose your job. The right thing is to stand firm with your decision if you do not want to get involved because the consequence can be much bigger like being given some jail time.

You should always find joy in choosing what is best for you, regardless of what the other person will feel, more so if it comes from a place of them not caring about you.

Timeshare too has the upside of it.

Do not regret the past, rather learn from it and forge ahead. Timeshare owners regret buying the property because they end up using a lot of money annually to maintain it and are there for a very short time, like a week. They are tied by contracts and do not have a way out of the deal. Most of the timeshare owners end up trying to rent the property during their stay periods or have buyers buy them.

Either way, they continue paying the bills. So many things can happen in your life that you are not proud of. So many times you wish you could change the things you have done and make different decisions, but there is no chance of going back and the present situations do not leave either. You have to learn to find solutions, to fix mistakes you make without being so hard on yourself.

This is the only way you can learn and also inspire others to avoid similar mistakes you made. You could have handled your relationships poorly and mistreated people. You now want to change this decision because you regret it, the good thing is, you have a chance of having better relationships because now you know where you went wrong.

Timeshare owners seek vacation opportunities and see the amount of money they will use to vacate in their lifetime is almost equal to the amount they will be using to have the timeshare property. They choose the latter to keep off the hustle of looking for homes while vacating. This can be limiting the flexibility of choosing vacation destinations. The contracts bind the owners for years. 

It is best for you to choose freedom, to not be tied to uncomfortable situations. Your angel wants you to live a life that is fulfilling, do not be lured to things because they sound good. Seek to find the truth, understand issues in-depth, this will be a guide to your decision making. Let the ideas of others not keep you from doing what you believe is right.



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