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 Life can be complicated; aspire to make it simpler every day.

Life can be complicated; aspire to make it simpler every day.

Today’s message from your angel is, “Do not be afraid to embrace things that make your life easier.” Have you ever used business software? In the 21st Century, almost everyone has had an opportunity to use software because technology has allowed you to access tools that make your life easier, in the cheapest ways possible. There is so much you can learn from business software and its impact on your life.

Finding a support system. 

Business software is a tool that is used to increase productivity in a business, deliver work at the right time, minimize costs, support, and improve efficiency in a business. Life has been made easier while operating a business, and productivity has improved. This shows you that what you require in your life is a strong support system that will be the source of your fulfillment. Surround yourself with people who assist you in the various aspects and areas of your life.

You might get burned out from doing everything all by yourself, and it is always okay to allow people to do things for you. You might be a new parent, who wants to take care of your child all by yourself because it makes you feel fulfilled but the result however is you will end up being so tired and irate. Where you feel pushed to the wall, find friends and family who offer help and ask them to help you out then take some time to rest and you will realize that this will make you a more productive and emotionally healthy parent. 

Business software has different natures for different purposes. 

Business software have very different functions, and one software cannot be used in another business unless the nature of work is the same. There are different software that is needed for a particular business. Accounting software for an accounting business, a website creating software for a website business. Yet they are all important in their ways and cannot be assumed.

Today you are reminded that you are all equally created to serve different purposes hence the need to embrace other people’s ideas. Due to the reason that some ideas may be very different from what you agree with; your first instinct may be to oppose them. You might be a leader or an employer who dismisses the ideas of your juniors because you think they do not understand the business as best as you do.

Alternatively, you might feel insecure and think that they are targeting your position or challenge your leadership. The truth is, listening to new ideas and implementing them can be the beginning of a successful journey together. Understand that every individual has their strengths and there will always be something some else knows more than you do, without them wanting to outshine you. Getting this will enable you to have an open mind to always keep learning, and allow other people to play their part.

Business software has errors and corrections.

You will not always be right but there is a chance of correcting yourself. A business software sometimes has programming errors; it can shut down or have a malfunction where a certain tool is not operating. The management team finds permanent fixes to these issues so that they do not interfere with the users again. This is a normal occurrence, mostly in the initial stages of software before knowing what works for them.

Today you are reminded that you too have faults and there is always room to continually better yourself, to a place where you are comfortable. There is no end to improve as long as you live. To correct your present and have a better future. Everyone is working on something in their life. You need to constantly update yourself, leave bad habits and slowly adopt new ones a day at a time.

Notifications are part of business software.  

Communicate about everything that affects you and the people around you. A business software constantly updates its users on new features that are added. If there is an issue affecting the software or some new developments that have to be made, an email is sent to the impacted team, and they are made aware of the issue. They are given an estimated time of how long the application will be unavailable for use.

A user can report any error by calling or sending an email to the support team. The support team takes the details of the error and issues a request ticket. A team member of the support team fixes the issue and reaches out to the user to ensure the software is working like it is supposed to. In life, you may feel misunderstood by your spouse and you choose to tell everyone else about it, instead of discussing it with your spouse.

This may result in people disrespecting your spouse because of the negative and possibly embarrassing things you told them. The right thing is to tell your spouse how you feel and suggest improvements that you want so that you can be comfortable. You might find out that it was a very small issue and they want to work on improving it. Communicate about every issue, even those that you perceive minor because to your partner they might be major.  

Ground rules are necessary where more than one person is included.

Business software has instructions and a user guide for the users. This is used to show the users how to use the software and also includes terms and conditions as well as the legal consequences if a user violates the rights of the software. You have to know how to obey laws and policies put in place because they allow everyone to live in harmony without violating the rights of others.

You might think the rules and regulations of a school are there to deny freedom to the students, but these rules allow the students to co-exist. As a young person, your parents might not want you to get home past some hours at night and you may feel that they are oppressing you but the reason is that they know the dangers outside at night. These rules are always put in place for our benefit. Your angel wants you to learn to live with others and understand their perspectives in life and never stop learning.                               


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