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Your weight doesn't define who you are

Your weight doesn't define who you are

Today, your angel will be talking about a rather sensitive topic flying around nowadays: weight. Especially during these stressful times, a lot of people will be indulging in food or avoiding it as a form of relief. But as a result, they're unknowingly destroying their relationship with healthy eating and a robust body.

Bad food relationship is considered a part of psychologically unhealthy habits. It badly impacts not only your body but your mental state as well. For those who have been taken along by this cycle of binging or purging, you are not alone. An angel has arrived and will be giving pieces of advice to stop you from hating yourself. You are precious! Remember, the Universe is always looking out for you and has sent its missionary in your journey of recovery.


The main cause of weight issues


Before talking about recovery, it's better for you to understand the technicalities that’s afflicting your mind first so you can recognize the progress. There is an umbrella term for people suffering from bad eating habits: Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or BDD). Simply put, a person under BDD is obsessed with how they appear to others. Symptoms include constant mirror checking, constant tidying of appearance, and preoccupation with calories. If you're familiar with these habits, that's good, you're now fully aware of what your angel is fighting against.


But how did this come about? The answer: media's body image. An ideal body is defined as a social construct that sticks the body of a man or woman to a particular standard of attractiveness. Yes, you heard that right, "a social construct". Though ideal bodies have been around for quite some time, only now did the notions of 'obesity' and 'anorexia' transform into a public health menace. Because people spread the idea that there is a fixed level of slimness for humans, a massive outbreak of body shaming emerged.  In consequence, weight issues became the most pervading thoughts in modern society.


Eating disorders are more than often rooted in BDD, and they sadly pave the way to even more mental health issues like depression. That's why your angels are very worried. Lacking guidance, you might not even think about the possibility of healing and lock yourself in a box of self-pity, thereby shunning the Universe away. But the fact that you're reading still is a boast of your courage. You opened the door, allowing their guidance to heal your defective eating habits.


You are never too late


No matter how 'severe' your case is, you are never too late to recover. Acquiring this mindset is the first and foremost objective. In all honesty, it will be a struggle. But your angel says that that's all it is, a struggle. It's not an impossible cliff to climb. To get into this mentality, you have to consider two things: if you try investing in your eating habits, there's a high chance of improving, but if you don't, the only outcome is---well, there is no outcome. Naturally, nothing will happen. At least on the former, there will be progress. Meanwhile, the latter mindset bars every hope of recovering and every counsel coming from your angel. 


Know the poison and you can easily make the medicine. You can get into the mindset of eating recovery by recognizing their causes, hence why your angel explained body image correlating to eating disorders. For instance, your anorexia might be the product of an eschewed body fat percentage ideally being 10%. On health grounds, this is highly dangerous as the body would stop functioning normally. There's a reason why experts disseminated an average body fat chart, you should follow it. And now that you narrowed down the cause, researching will be a lot easier. The only thing to do now is application.


Once you get into the mindset of doing something, you've accepted the prodding of divine intervention. Things will start to move forward.


Extreme food rules will just reinforce your eating disorder


You either fear fat and sugar or you love them to the high heavens, but whatever the case, your diet will most likely be following the extreme fad diets circulating the internet: complete avoidance or complete indulgence of fat and sugar. Basically, you will eat too much or eat too little, but both are a hazard to your health. 


The path to recovery is not in excessiveness but in moderation. When you practice unrestrained eating, you're more likely to use exercise as the solution AND punishment---a cycle begins. The reward is a binge, the punishment overexercise. The same process goes for undereating, where you'll identify good looks with a visible ribcage. Your angel is convincing you that it's unsustainable! Bingeing, purging, depression---these three will rule your world and you'll eventually have an "I-am-trapped" mindset with a Compulsive Eating Disorder.


More or less, you under-eat because you think you're too chubby so you feel sorry for yourself; to mitigate this, you over-eat, to feel the hormonal bliss of satisfying your stomach. It's an endless cycle. Thankfully, you'll be able to move on from this unhealthy habit now as your angel knows a good solution to this. You just need to open yourself to it.


You shouldn't bet your life to have an 'Ideal Body'


If the core of it is dissatisfaction, then they're going to introduce compassion. Compassion is accepting your body for what it is. Compassion is understanding that nothing is wrong with being slightly below or above average. Compassion is knowing the difference between fat and healthy. Compassion is forgiving yourself for eating that extra piece of donut. Using their advice, you remove the notion of 'punishing your body'---your body doesn't need punishment because it's just doing what it does to stop you from your starving yourself. The divine is the one who bestowed your body, of course it's not an enemy.


Once you start working WITH your body instead of AGAINST it, your weight issues will solve themselves. By now, you'll have realized that it really was just a psychological problem of wanting to love yourself. Your body isn't the answer; you have to be kind to your soul. And who knows the perfect nourishment to a soul better than your angel, better than the divine? So listen to them, and see the recovery results for yourself.


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